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Sweater: Cheap Monday (similar) / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Timberland

More snaps from London!

I am totalllllly obsessed with this look right now. A gigantic baggy sweater with my Timberland heels is pretty much my fall uniform. This outfit happens way more often than I care to admit lol.

Reasons baggy sweaters rock?

  1. They look chic AF.
  2. Comfort is king.
  3. Lots of room for eating (priorities.)
  4. When its f*cking freezing out, there is nothing cozier than a huge sweater.

Reasons I am OBSESSED with my Timbs?

  1. I feel like a hood chick while wearing them which leads to me feeling like a badass which leads to happiness. #science
  2. WATERPROOF. Anyone living in Vancouver understands why this is so important.
  3. Comfort is king. Again. So freakin’ comfy. 

Okay babes I gotta run!! Love you all to the moon and back. <3 







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Win your favourite outfit from Billabong!


Can you tell I’m excited about this?! I have teamed up with Billabong to gift one lucky reader the OUTFIT OF THEIR CHOICE from Billabong! Yaaaas that is right my friends. Want to enter? All you have to do is share this Facebook status and you will be entered to win!



Good luck babes! 😘





8:14 | January 24, 2016



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Skinny-Belle (10 of 31)

Top: Billabong / Bottoms: Billabong / Sandy bum: me 😝

Sunrise photoshoot?! Yes please. Legit woke my friend up at 6:00 am to come and take these photos… seriously, that is true friendship. If I woke me up at that time and was like COME OUTSIDE AND TAKE PICS ITS SOOOOO PRETTY I would probably be pissed haha. So anyways, super happy I have the greatest friends to help me do the ridiculous things I do haha. 

So this is it from my Philippines trip! To sum it all up, hell yea I would go there again. The first part of my trip was spent on a private island called Popototan Island, which was crazy beautiful. The photos above are from that island. I loved how remote it was, and the fact that there was no wifi was a major plus. It was almost like an internet detox?? Weird but amazing, trust me. Click here to check out my full review of the resort I stayed on at Popototan Island.

For the second part of my trip I went to Puerto Galera. This Billabong outfit was shot there. It was definitely a totally different scene in Puerto Galera. There were tons of hotels all packed tightly together going up the side of the beach, and the beachfront was pretty rocky so you couldn’t sit on it. And there was definitely an “eclectic” mix of tourists there. Not going to lie, I probably would not go back to Puerto Galera but regardless it was still a phenomenal experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything! I just happen to enjoy places with more nature, that’s all. 😜

To end, I could not be happier to have partnered with the Billabong Womens team for this trip. They are a fantastic brand and I am so happy to have collaborated with them again. Total babes over there!

CLICK HERE to get my bikini top!

CLICK HERE to get the bottoms! (Sandy bum not included 😉 )

Okay babes… we have a big giveaway for Billabong coming up soon! Keep your eye out. She’s comin’ for ya. 😘





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Onesie by Billabong

Okay so I am a hugeeee sucker for onesies. They are seriously the best because they involve so little thinking when it comes to planning your outfit. Because, well, they are all one outfit. #science

Anyways, this Billabong jumper is my new fave and I have already worn in out like 5 times. Super in love with the really low cut on the front. Not having any boobs definitely makes it easier to wear lol. 😂  I actually hate wearing a bra… like HATE it. What the hell am I holding down? I literally don’t have boobs. Team no-bra for life. But, if you are not comfortable going without a bra Billabong has this bomb little bralette that pairs well with this jumper. 

CLICK HERE to see jumpers by Billabong!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Get ready for an exciting giveaway from myself and the Billabong team later this week. Stay tuned! 😘





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Skinny-Belle (16 of 18web)




Skinny-Belle (17 of 18web)

Top: Billabong / Skirt: Billabong

I’m really not sure if I could ask for a better backdrop. Would you look at it?! I mean come on…. so beautiful 😍

For the second leg of my Philippines trip, I was fortunate enough to travel to an area called Puerto Galera. Not going to lie, I definitely was notttt as big of a fan of Puetro Galera as I was of Popototan Island. But, more on that later! I will be posting a summary of my Philippines trip shortly. For now, we focus on my gorrrrrgeous mermaid coloured outfit from Billabong

The colours on this Billabong crop top/skirt combo are to DIE. They are perfect for the upcoming spring season, and I will definitely be rocking this outfit many times over the coming months. You guys already know this, but I am a major sucker for crop tops. They are soooo sexy to me, but not like in-your-face-check-me-out kind of sexy. Crop tops are more…. I’m-so-sexy-but-still-demure-and-modest. You know? lol. Anyways, love crop tops. They are the shit. Especially ones made by the great people at Billabong. 

CLICK HERE to check out the Billabong crop top I am wearing in the photos above! I wear a small.

CLICK HERE to get your hands on the skirt above! Also a size small. ☺️

So much fun wearing this outfit, especially in such a gorgeous location! I was so impatient to share these photos with you guys haha I am obsessed with this outfit. 😄

Talk soon!





11:39 | January 9, 2016



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Skinny-Belle (9 of 25)

Crop top: Billabong / Shorts: Billabong

Remember when I said a few weeks back that I had an exciting partnership for my Philippines trip?? Well…. *drumroll*….. I have teamed up with my beautiful friends at Billabong Women’s to bring you my favourite looks from their line!

The first look I put together from Billabong is the Ray of Light Shorts and the Ray of Light Top. I am totally obsessed with matching sets and this easy breasy crochet one was perfect for my island getaway. The shorts are SO comfortable, and I will be rocking them all over the city this summer for sure. Sometimes crochet material can be really stiff and uncomfortable, but these ones were really soft and stretchy which I loved. 😊

Want to get this Billabong set for yourself? Click here for the shorts and here for the top. Such a fun little outfit for the beach.

ALSO. Can we talk about my hair? Holy hell does the humidity in the Philippines give it some serious volume. You are probably wondering why I didn’t just go and tame it with a straightener/curling iron combo. Well, my friends, there was no frickin’ electricity on our island between 6 am and 6 pm. So you get my full on crazy “humiditiy hair” that I get on pretty much every tropical vacation I have ever been on. Hope you enjoy it at my expense. 😜

Alrighty team, that’s all for now! What do you think of this gorg Billabong set? Do you love it as much as I do?? Comment below babes! <3





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Skinny-Belle (19 of 35)

Can someone tell me when Vancouver got cold?

OKAY BUT FOR REAL. It is f’ing freezing right now in Vancouver. For all my American and international friends, it honestly never gets cold in Vancouver. Like, ever. The worst that happens is there is some wet snow during December and it is such a rare occasion that the entire city basically shuts down. Panic ensues to say the least.

Anyways, it is freezing cold right now and I actually went out and bought a full down filled jacket with fur to stay warm. Never ever have I felt the need to do that before. Maybe I am just becoming more feeble at my ripe old age of 24. Or global warming is happening, who knows. Either way, this beauty of a jacket has come into my life because of the weirdly cold weather. 

Another thing that it is absolutely essential for you guys to know, is that I feel like a Russian mafia princess in this jacket. Like, THE MOST gangster. It is of the upmost importance to me to maintain a feelings of gangster at all times. So this coat definitely fits the ticket.

Coat from Danier, click here to check out their site!





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Skinny-Belle (7 of 19-1)

Skinny-Belle (1 of 1)-2

Coat: Bernardo Fashions / Pants: Citizens of Humanity / Photos: Michael Mak

How cute is this coat?! Thank you to my friends over at Bernardo Fashions for sending along this gorgeous gift. It is such a great piece for fall, and even for transitioning into spring. I am all about clothing that I can use throughout multiple seasons. It feels good to get more use out of something than just for a few months!

So anyways, a little personal update here. Lately I have been so awesomely busy. I am literally so stoked about everything I am working on I can’t even deal (<– full on white-girl “can’t even.”) But I am also totally lacking any time at all for myself. Do you ever feel like that? Like you are so happy that things are going great but at the same time feel like you need to sleep for a week? 😂 Not complaining, I am very thankful for my hectic schedule as it means I am getting shit done! 

That being said, sometime over the next few weeks or so I will be making a big announcement here on Skinny Belle, and I honestly am having major difficulties not telling you all right now. MUST. BE. STRONG. 💪

More details to come! Be patient babesicles. 😘

Another big thanks to Bernardo Fashions for this gorgeous jacket! If you want to grab one for yourself, hit up the Nordstrom website by clicking here. Bernardo is definitely one of my fave brands, so make sure you go and check them out!






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Robyn-Kimberly (1 of 37)

Sweater: Free People / Jeans: Habitual / Shoes: Sam Edelman

Sometimes I really feel like I was born in the wrong fashion era. Taking outfit inspiration from the 70’s is something I do so frequently, seriously makes me question the decade I was born in haha. Can I not just be a flower/love/peace child and wear flare pants all day? Is that an acceptable job title? 😝

Totally loving these Habitual Flare Jeans which I have been holding on to for a few years. Still so chocked that Habitual isn’t making jeans anymore, they are definitely one of my favourite brands. Hence why I am holding on to my old pairs like they are gold. Because, a  great fitting jean is hard to come by and important to keep. Have you ever bought a pair of jeans (probably because they were on sale) and then worn them ONE TIME and been so uncomfortable that entire day. Yep. I have too. Never again though. This is a quality jean only zone. Nothing is worth squirming around in your seat in discomfort all day. 

My sweater is from one of my favourite companies, Free People. I have posted more than a few outfits from Free People on Skinny Belle. Check out this jumper, this dress, and this dress to see my favourites. They have this awesome boho-chic look that totally vibes with my 70’s style obsession. If you haven’t already, click here to check out more of the goodies my friends at Free People have to offer. 💕

That’s all from me today folks! Peace & love everyone. In the wise words of Ellen, “be kind to one another.”






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Skinny-Belle (2 of 16)

Skinny-Belle (6 of 16)

Skinny-Belle (4 of 16)

Dress: Oak + Fort / Poncho: Lord & Taylor / Shoes: Shelly’s London

Okay so I am totally one of those people who matches my outfit to the weather. If it’s sunny, bring on the whites and brights. Rainy and grey? Black and grey alllll day. Seriously though I make an active effort to not do this but I always end up wearing grey and black during the winter here in Vancouver. Because it rains, ALL THE TIME. 

On another note, I was cleaning out my childhood bedroom the other day because my parents were moving and found SO MUCH hilarious stuff. Photos of your pre-teen self are always traumatizing… I was having a very confusing combination of hysterical laughter/tears because the photos were SO RIDICULOUS. Why did I think high-top boots, 1-inch zipper jeans, and a crop top was an acceptable outfit to wear? I swear to god my mom just let me leave the house looking like that because she thought it was jokes and wanted to make fun of me in the future. I’m on to you mom…. 

Anyways, another one of the things I found was some of the birthday cards that my Omi and Opa (which is German for Grandma and Grandma) wrote me. They legit always write the best cards, because in each card there is an inspirational quote. Which somehow always seem to match my life perfectly at the time. I have taken photos of these quotes and pasted them all over my house for the past few years because they really are so motivating. Not to mention I have them on hand in my iPhone because sometimes you need a mobile reminder to get your ass moving. Since I found the original cards they were written in the other day, I thought I would share my favourites with you here today in hopes that you are also inspired by them.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

 – Colin L. Powell

These quotes are significant to me, because I identify so closely with them. Do you guys have any favourite quotes that inspire you? What do you think of these?? Comment below! I want to hear your fave inspirational quotes too 🙂