3:50 | July 30, 2020



Summer in Vancouver, Canada is my favourite time of year! Winter is very long and quite frankly dark here in Vancity, so when the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine.. we have to take advantage! 

Putting together cute looks for the beach is a pretty major highlight for me. I like to keep my outfits relatively simple if I’m planning on having a beach day. Usually just a swimsuit and some sort of coverup. To make sure things are simple but not boring, I always spice up a simple beach look with my jewellery! 

My mom didn’t let me get my ears pierced when I was a child, and I didn’t end up doing it myself until I was about 21 years old lol! So it still makes me ridiculously happy to rock earrings every damn day!

Hence, earrings are always the way to go for me. I love hoops, and more specifically, huggies! I actually just started wearing some huggie earrings for the first time this summer and I am obsessed. They are a more subtle look than a regular hoop, and I think they are really youthful and fun. 

The brand AU-Rate has a really great selection of huggie earrings, especially in gold! I’ve been on their website nonstop lately and have a bunch in my cart I’d like to order. I also love Oak and Fort. They are a pretty major go-to for me when it comes to affordable but beautiful jewellery. If you want to get fancy with things, Birks has some super cute huggies as well! I own a number of pairs of earrings from Birks and they are super high quality. Free People is another brand I really like to get my summer jewellery from. They have more of a boho vibe, which is great for the beach.

What are your favourite brands for jewellery? Would love to hear about it in the comments 🙂

1:25 | May 1, 2020



I’ve spent the last 3 years working from home, and learned a thing or two about extended periods of time solo without a coworker in sight. Since it has been a few weeks of us all social distancing and working from home now, I wanted to share my #1 tip to having a productive and cozy day at home. 

When I first left my corporate job to start my own business, I’d roll out of bed in my pjs and stay that way pretty much the entire day. If I didn’t have to get dressed.. .ya girl was NOT planning on it. I like to think I was rebelling after years of having to “get ready” for the corporate world. This only lasted a few months though. Because I’m telling you, staying in your pyjamas all day long does not work. It does not set you up for a great day. Trust me on this one. 

A major pro-tip I have to set yourself up for success AND stay cozy, because you have the blessing of working from home… Actually get dressed. But not “corporate” dressed. Cute & comfy dressed. After all, you do need to enjoy the fact that you are working from home. 

I find even putting on cute undergarments, can make a massive difference in how I’m feeling that day. It’s doing something special for yourself, and consciously getting ready both physically and mentally for the day ahead. And yes, something as simple as undergarments can make a big difference. 

So today, we’re going to talk my favourite bralettes for a day of working from home. 

When I am staying home I love to wear soft, wireless, bralettes. This way I still feel like I have gotten ready, without the pain and suffering that is an underwire bra. I’ve been living in my SKIMS bralette for the last few weeks. I’m telling you it’s a total game changer. It is so soft, chic, and comfortable. You’re never going to want to take it off! I usually never go to sleep in a bra but the other day I fell asleep while wearing my SKIMS bralette and didn’t realize until the morning lol.

A few other bralette brands I’ve also been wearing are Aritzia (long time fan of their undergarments), Urban Outfitters, and Free People

If you want to have a productive and cozy day at home, getting dressed is the first step. Believe me, I tried it the other way around and it does NOT work out so well! So take the first step, put on some cute undergarments, a comfortable outfit, wash your face, and see what a world of difference it makes. 

Do you have any bralette brands you love? Comment below and let me know what they are!

4:04 | October 31, 2018



i’m seriously bad at Halloween…


But you know what, I’m not even mad about it at this point. It is my fate. I also love bunnies. I bunny-sat my cousin’s bunny for 8 months and love him the most. So, i’m a proud bunny this Halloween!!

Hope you liked my “official Halloween vlog” lol. Key word: “official.” I wasn’t kidding about not having plans so if anyone has any fun parties going on… holla at cha girl. 😉



9:45 | September 28, 2018



This appreciation post is long overdue…

Today’s post is dedicated to my love of high-waisted jeans/skirts/shorts/everything.

Here’s why.

I was thinking back to the high-school days (clearly, this was my first mistake🤦‍♀️) and how I used to wear those “1-inch zipper” low-rise/skin tight jeans. Let’s formally blame Paris Hilton for this.

There is nothing quite as horrendous as having your love handles/belly be uncomfortably poking out over the top of your skin tight low-rise jeans. How are you supposed to eat? Breather? Live?

I CAN’T. 😫

Since high-waisted jeans came back into style, I’ve pretty much rid my life of anything low-rise. Like, goodbye forever! 🙅‍♀️ New number who dis.

Back to my point…

High-waisted jeans. 👖

It’s been a minute since I’ve publicly acknowledged how significantly my life has been improved by their existence. It’s at least 5% better.

At least.

You can eat in them. They conveniently tuck away all of your unwanted….. layers(?) shall we say? Everything just looks right. And most importantly, the comfort is REAL.

In honour of us no longer stuffing ourselves into 1-inch zipper jeans, here are some high-waisted options that I’m really vibing right now.

First off, Khloe Kardashian knows what’s up when it comes to this trend. Good American has so many great options, and I love how you can view the same pant on different sized models on the website. Honestly how is every other company not doing this? It’s genius.

Also really into Parker Smith these days, they have both high-rise and ULTRA high-rise options. Now, I don’t totally love the price point on Citizens but the brand fits me like a glove and I use their jeans for 5 years plus, always. And finally, if you want a pair of high-waisted jeans/pants a classic is Levis. Not the most stretchy or comfy but ohhhh so on trend rn.

So…yeah! Those are my current fave brands for high-waisted pants. Do you have any faves I need to know about? If so, please leave a comment and let me know what brands you like best!

That’s all for today! Hope your Friday is going well, and you have lots of fun planned for the weekend ahead.

Love you!




4:07 | February 2, 2018



Top/Bottoms Vintage

Happy Friday friends!! 🎉

*Can we take a minute to lol at these photos?? Like yes everyone, I am literally going to go surfing in my all-jean outfit in full glam. VERY REAL. But I thought the look was very “California” and “cute” so it would only be appropriate to shoot it with a surf board lol. I want to try and post more photos that more accurately represent my day-to-day life. Kind of like I do on my instagram stories. What do you guys think? Do you like the photo shoots? Or do you want to see more “in real life” photos? COMMENT BELOW PLS! Would love love love your opinion. 

This week I was ESPECIALLY excited for the week to be over because tomorrow we are going to Yosemite and then Tahoe! VACATIONNNNNNNNN TIME! 🍸

My body is ready for all the food and wine I am about to abuse it with. 😆🍕

Real for realz tho, I can’t wait for this trip. We are driving from LA to both spots so it will be a fun fun fun road trip! So much opportunity for me to annoy Troy the wholeeeee way there. As one does when they have their bf captive for a 5 hour drive. 😈

You know how it is. 😉

Anyways, the reason I am so excited is I’ve never been to either Lake Tahoe or Yosemite! Both I hear are unreal, especially the skiing at Tahoe! 🎿 And ya girl lovesssss to ski.

I feel like today is going to be one of those days where focusing on life is hardddddd. Like in elementary school when you were so excited about Christmas or Halloween or whatever that focusing on ANYTHING at school was a total write-off? Yeah, that’s me today. 😂

But since I am adulting I am going to get going here and go do my work, and get to my workout. Hot pilates booked for today so that will be good right before I go into vacation mode and eat ALL THE THINGS. 😂






9:50 | January 5, 2018



Current summer inspo: Blue & Cream‘s dress collection

Last night, kind of felt like summer. KIND OF. A bit. Enough so that I pulled out a summer dress I bought for my yacht trip in Croatia last July. And, my favourite vintage Miu Miu sunnies. 😎 (Are they not to-die-for???)

A summer dress was kind of a stretch. Girl got a bit nippity tbh.

Regardless, the warmer weather these last few days in Santa Monica has made me very excited for spring/summer.

*Cue all my Canadian/European friends rolling their eyes in tandem.*

**Side note: I’ve become a massive baby  and acclimated to the California “winters”. In the mornings I shiver and huddle up in a dramatically large wool poncho. At night, I bitch about how cooooooooold it is. ***EYEROLL*** 😒 Oh how quickly one forgets what a Canadian winter is like. Guess that’s what moving to California does to a girl. 😜 💁🏼 #extra

In yesterday’s excitement of pulling out my summer dresses, girl got thinking about what my vibe is going to be this spring/summer. I knowww it’s a ways away…. but damn it I will be READY! 👍🏻

Later in the evening last night I was doing my usual routine of internet creeping everything imaginable (*ahem*), and found my way to Blue and Cream. Those guys know what is UP when it comes to fashion. I got so deep in the rabbit hole that is their online shop, that my cart was FILLED (when I say filled…. I mean FULL TO THE TOP. I don’t mess around.) with spring/summer pieces. Once I start shopping, kiiiind of hard to stop me. It’s like one purchase is a gateway drug to a series of other purchases with little to no regard for my bank balance. 👜


Anyways, here are a few of the Blue & Cream things I was peepin’ last night. (I’ve included some potential scenarios of me wearing these things. Something I do when I shop hahaha. Helps visualize. Visualize with me, people.)

Scenario 1) Me wearing this on a vacation I have yet to book. Hawaiiiii???


Scenario 2) OMG me just being casual going to the Sunday farmers market! So. Casual.


Scenario 3) The dress I’ll force my boyfriend to take my on a date so I can wear it.

JK this isn’t a potential scenario this is a regular occurrence in my life 😂



Give it all to me, now. ALL OF IT! So much to choose from. Dying over here. I need  help!! Which should I get?? Comment, pls. <3

Also, anyone else already excited for summer? hehe… too soon?




12:09 | December 30, 2017



Dress: Zara // Boots: Small shop in London

Whatsup fam! 🙏🏻

Writing to you from the safety and comfort of my nice warm bed in LA. I legit have the WEAKEST IMMUNE SYSTEM EVER. Your girl is sick again. 😷 But this time I don’t feel so bad because it seems like everyone I know has a cold/flu right now. Runny nose, sore throat, headache nasty ass cough…. you know the drill.

Ok, enough with me disgusting you with my delightful plethora of symptoms. And on with the important stuff. 😁

**Oh one more thing… photo above is obviously not from today. If you want to see a video of me and my grossness head on over to my instagram story for that hot mess.



Must. Heal. Self. ASAP. 😓

The panic is real. Because we have tickets to Dave Chapelle and I do NOT plan on being sick for that. He is hilarious.

While I recover (hopefully) in time for the big night, I have a looooooooot of time to think. Like, way too much time. I hate being sick I get cabin crazy in like 0.00078 seconds.

Like I said, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About how 2017 went, and how I would like to see 2018 go.

Total honesty: I’m not a hugeee New Year’s resolutions person, I actually have a 6 month/weekly/daily goal system that I highly prefer. (Will do a full breakdown of that on my podcast soonsies!) It’s just what works for me, and I really think if you give it a try you can get it to work for you as well.

I digress.

New Year’s resolutions.

I do like to take some time and think about what I want for the new year. It IS a great opportunity to reflect, and set your mind to be in the right space for the upcoming year.

I tend to make slightly loftier goals as my New Year’s resolutions because I usually like to focus resolutions on being mindset changes or bigger picture changes.

So, here you have my two 2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Lead my life with happiness

Oh my god that sounds fruity. Just writing it out is like uhg. Girl. Stop being such a fruity-tootie. It issss true though. For most of my life I have done the things that are expected of me, and what society deems “correct”. Those things are not necessarily what makes me happy. All I want for 2018 is to focus on the things that make me happy. End of story.

Stay the course & be relentless

2017 was a year of big-ass changes for me. For 2018, I really want to zone in and focus on achieving success in the areas I set out to be successful in this past year. No point in making all the changes you ever dreamed of if you don’t follow through.

And that’s pretty much it for me! I really do want both of those things for myself for 2018.

How about you guys? What are your resolutions for 2018? Would love to hear below! 💞




10:58 | December 25, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith // Shoes: Michael Kors

Merry Christmas from snowy Chicago!!

I’m here visiting my boyfriend’s family for the holidays this year. Love coming to Chicago.  So nice to hang out in the snow. Thoroughly enjoying this white Christmas. My little Canadian self is thrilled. 😄❄️

The temperature?



Anyways, hope you are spending today with family and/or friends 😊. To me, Christmas is a commercial holiday that is a great excuse to hang out with the famjam.

Anyways, off to drink some eggnog. ✨ If you want to come along for more of my holidays make sure you are following me on instagram. It goes down in the DM people.

Happy holidays! 🎅🏻




7:14 | December 10, 2017



There’s nothing quite like buying presents for yourself 😉

Ah yes, tis the season of giving. 🎁 Giving to all the people you love in your life. And guess what. Want to know who I love most? ME! 😂

*Think: that Sex in the City Episode where two guys were fighting over Samantha and she had to choose which one she wanted to be with. In the end she chose herself because she loved her the most 😆 What a woman. I aspire. 👑

So why not treat yo-self and buy yourself something nice for the holidays. A la Samantha Jones. 💅🏻You’ve earned it. Like for real… let’s just call this appreciating yo-self. You worked so hard all year long, and it’s about time to thank YOU for the hustle. The holidays can get so crazy with gift buying and sometimes we (lol jk I’m not included in that “we”) forget to get a little something for ourselves.

I am so-pro self-gifting it’s ridiculous. Before you go ahead and accuse me of being selfish, consider this: after you have lovingly picked out your gifts for your family and friends, items you have carefully selected to let them know you care…. What about you?? Why can’t you care about yourself? Everyone should love themselves. So yolo and get that thing at Sephora that you’ve had your eye on. 💄

I’m an enabler when it comes to shopping. It’s a problem, I know. But I feel it is justified in this situation because I’m encouraging self love. 😉

You know?

Anyways, I’m major into online shopping lately. 👜 So much so that sometimes the idea of driving to a mall, and wandering around for hours, actually is offensive to me. It’s 2017. Anything I want should be delivered to my door. 💁🏼

K sounding like a brat, but point is: online shopping is the best. So convenient, and you can do it from home with a nice cup of coffee in your jammies. ☕️

Some of the sites that I am totally vibing right now for holiday self-gifting (more people do it than will admit, I am just the first to admit!!) are: Blue & Cream (specifically IRO, some major sales happening atm), Rebellious Fashion (I got the sweater I am wearing in the pics above from them. But beware of UK sizing, messed that up on my first order), Missguided (have suchhh cute winter coats, 50% off rn too!), and of course… naturally Revolve. Duh.

With that, I must be off to do some holiday shopping. For the people I love, AND for me. Cuz I also love me. 👑

Do you guys have any other great sites I can check out?? LMK in the comments pls!




4:29 | November 28, 2017



Watch: Daniel Wellington (use code “ROBYNKIMB” for 15% off!)

Finalllyyyyy I am in some colder weather! Never thought I’d say those words… lol.

It has been super weird experiencing “fall” in LA. There really is no drop in the temperature and it’s still just straight up hot. Maybe in the morning it gets a bit cool, but other than that… full on summer in my opinion. 😂

This past week I went to Wisconsin for the first time to my boyfriend’s parents lakehouse. (Eeeep!)

So pretty there I couldn’t believe it! Totally reminded me of Canada with all the falling leaves and the gorgeous nature. About. That. Life.

So naturally I had to take advantage of the leaves like the basic b I am and take a bunch of pics. Because, I can’t EVEN. 😉

After we spent a few days in Wisconsin we are back in Chicago now. Spent the day downtown yesterday and filmed a little vlog! Will share later this week.

Anywho, just wanted to say hi. 👋🏻