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Onesie by Billabong

Okay so I am a hugeeee sucker for onesies. They are seriously the best because they involve so little thinking when it comes to planning your outfit. Because, well, they are all one outfit. #science

Anyways, this Billabong jumper is my new fave and I have already worn in out like 5 times. Super in love with the really low cut on the front. Not having any boobs definitely makes it easier to wear lol. 😂  I actually hate wearing a bra… like HATE it. What the hell am I holding down? I literally don’t have boobs. Team no-bra for life. But, if you are not comfortable going without a bra Billabong has this bomb little bralette that pairs well with this jumper. 

CLICK HERE to see jumpers by Billabong!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Get ready for an exciting giveaway from myself and the Billabong team later this week. Stay tuned! 😘





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