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Can someone tell me when Vancouver got cold?

OKAY BUT FOR REAL. It is f’ing freezing right now in Vancouver. For all my American and international friends, it honestly never gets cold in Vancouver. Like, ever. The worst that happens is there is some wet snow during December and it is such a rare occasion that the entire city basically shuts down. Panic ensues to say the least.

Anyways, it is freezing cold right now and I actually went out and bought a full down filled jacket with fur to stay warm. Never ever have I felt the need to do that before. Maybe I am just becoming more feeble at my ripe old age of 24. Or global warming is happening, who knows. Either way, this beauty of a jacket has come into my life because of the weirdly cold weather. 

Another thing that it is absolutely essential for you guys to know, is that I feel like a Russian mafia princess in this jacket. Like, THE MOST gangster. It is of the upmost importance to me to maintain a feelings of gangster at all times. So this coat definitely fits the ticket.

Coat from Danier, click here to check out their site!





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