Skinny-Belle (7 of 19-1)

Skinny-Belle (1 of 1)-2

Coat: Bernardo Fashions / Pants: Citizens of Humanity / Photos: Michael Mak

How cute is this coat?! Thank you to my friends over at Bernardo Fashions for sending along this gorgeous gift. It is such a great piece for fall, and even for transitioning into spring. I am all about clothing that I can use throughout multiple seasons. It feels good to get more use out of something than just for a few months!

So anyways, a little personal update here. Lately I have been so awesomely busy. I am literally so stoked about everything I am working on I can’t even deal (<– full on white-girl “can’t even.”) But I am also totally lacking any time at all for myself. Do you ever feel like that? Like you are so happy that things are going great but at the same time feel like you need to sleep for a week? 😂 Not complaining, I am very thankful for my hectic schedule as it means I am getting shit done! 

That being said, sometime over the next few weeks or so I will be making a big announcement here on Skinny Belle, and I honestly am having major difficulties not telling you all right now. MUST. BE. STRONG. 💪

More details to come! Be patient babesicles. 😘

Another big thanks to Bernardo Fashions for this gorgeous jacket! If you want to grab one for yourself, hit up the Nordstrom website by clicking here. Bernardo is definitely one of my fave brands, so make sure you go and check them out!







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