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Jean Jacket: Treasure & Bond / Flanel: Treasure & Bond / Dress: Aritzia / Shoes: Adidas

Beautiful British Columbia… will I ever get over you?!

BC is one of the most gorgeous places in the summertime, and I really doubt I will ever stop being amazed by its beauty. During the summer months I always make a point of exploring new places, so my latest conquest was the Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish! This wasn’t big on my list of things to do because it kind of felt like the cheaters way to do the Chief (a popular hiking spot right next to the gondola.) That being said, once I was up there, the view was from a totally different perspective of that of the Chief! And there was beer. There definitely isn’t any beer at the top of the Chief. Winning.

These outfit shots were taken on one of the trails up the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. Totally obsessed with these drapey coats, they are the perfect transition item to add to your closet as our summer days get juuuuustttt a little too chilly to not bring a sweater out. This was my first time buying from the brand Treasure & Bond, but so far so good! Super happy with these picks.

Also my little red neck tie… OBSESSED. Picked this little baby up at a vintage shop in downtown Vancouver. Feeling it. 

What do you think of this outfit? Comment below!



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Dress: Vintage / Necklaces: Olive + Piper

The other day I was marching around Robson Street (the main shopping street in downtown Vancouver) as a woman on a mission. I wanted a unique piece of clothing, something new, something DIFFERENT for crying out loud. Finding something that fulfills said criteria in Vancouver is next to impossible because we love to all do and WEAR the same damn things here. If you have ever walked into an Aritzia you will understand this uniquely “Vancouver” phenomenon. 

After shopping my way through all the usual suspects with no success, I happened upon a small vintage shop. It was like a beacon of shining light amongst the mass-produced crap we normally buy. In highschool I used to always shop vintage and found some of the coolest pieces. So, I decided to give vintage another go and was THE MOST excited about what I found!

Let’s start by pointing out the fact that I was clearly born in the wrong era. I am a 70’s girl at heart — so naturally I was drawn to the most hippie dress in the shop. 😜 


Anyways………… *ahem*.. Next time you are out shopping — try something different! Go vintage. It also feels like you are hunting for treasure, which makes the experience that much more fun.



2:41 | May 23, 2016



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Dress: Aritzia

Oh yes yes yes. I am all about dresses in the summertime. They are the perfect solution to not sweating to death (seriously though.) Wearing jeans in the summer heat is literally my definition of a living hell haha. Your legs feel like they are encased in two sausage-like incubators that are progressively getting hotter and hotter, with the end goal of baking you from the inside out. No fun at all. Anyways, you get my point. Dresses are the best way to go to fight the summer heat and look damn cute while doing it. 😉

This past weekend I spent my time hanging out in Austin, Texas. Can you tell it was humid by the size of my hair? It was almost as bad as when I was in the Philippines over Christmas this year. My hair was mostly contained in these photos, but the second we stepped outside to go for dinner I looked like Monica from friends when they went on vacation (<– click that link you won’t regret it 😂)

What do you guys think of this little dress? How do you beat the summer heat? Comment below ❤️





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Top: Zara / Pants: Zara

Would you look at that California sun?! There is something special about the light in Cali, I swear. Needless to say I was more than happy to prance around in front of the camera with my friend Paulina in Los Gatos on the weekend.
I ended up staying the whole weekend in Los Gatos with some girlfriends, and we had a full blown slumber party. 😁 There were face masks, silly snapchats (👻@robynkim is my snapchat username if you don’t follow me!), and TONS of delicious food. Like, the best food. I was dying. It was fantastic. 
So much fun to just relax for a weekend… it was much needed. Sometimes you need to unplug and unwind for a few days to get recharged for the new week ahead. Now I am feeling more energized than ever after my relaxing weekend in California. 🙂 
Okay so we also need to talk about this outfit. Matching sets? LOVE. Cannot get enough of them these days. I got this adorable little set from Zara France when I was in Paris a few weeks back. It makes me feel like a little kid in my playsuit hahaha. Romping around and getting into trouble 😝 Sounds about right to me. hehe
Anyways, what better place to shoot a cute floral outfit like this than Cali, right?! In love with it. Want to get your own? Click here for the top, and click here for the pants.
What do you think of this look? Comment below!
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Nothing like a little black dress in Paris!

A few more photos from my Paris trip the other week for you guys!

Diddddd I mention I fell in love with Paris? Yep. Totally head-over-heels in love. This also could have been heavily impacted by the fact that I was drunk on croissants and macarons the entire time. Chocolate wasted for sure. I am literally the biggest sucker for anything sweet/carby/delicious so being in Paris was the equivalent of being a kid in a candy shop for me.

Also can we talk about how people dress in Paris? Everyone just looks better. The women are all SO beauti, I felt like a total creep just staring at everyone and trying to understand why French women are just so…. Je ne sais quoi. Creepiness aside, the women in France really do put themselves together fantastically and I was defs inspired by the style there.

Since I was in Paris, I decided what better to go with than a little black dress. It is a classic piece that you can literally wear 100 times in a hundred different ways. Which is totally winning in my books. What do you guys think? Oui? No? Comment below!!

ALSO, I am a bit late to this party (what else is new lol) but add me on snapchat! 👻@robynkim Let’s be friends 🙂

Love love!





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Shoes: Timberland / Jacket: Zara Paris / Pants: Aritzia

When I went to Paris this week, I honestly really wasn’t expecting much. I have never been one of those girls who “dreams of going to Paris.” For whatever reason, honestly hadn’t really thought of even going there. Let’s just say I majorly underestimated how much I would like Paris. I totally fell in love. 😍

Everywhere you go there there is just so much to see — no turn is a wrong turn. Getting lost in a city and exploring is probably one of my favourite things to do. Not to mention the food. Sweet mother of god was it ever good. One thing you should know about me, is I have a major sweet tooth. It is verging on not normal how much I like sweets. So walking around Paris was just a giant sugar rush for me lol. It was shameful how many macarons I ate at Laduree, honestly don’t even want to talk about it because it was that bad. 😂 And then there was the chocolates, the pastries, the desserts…. the list goes on forever. Basically what I am trying to say is my ass will be at the gym working off my bad behaviour for the next week LOL. Whatever, totally worth it. 





10:47 | February 29, 2016



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Shoes: Joie / Dress: Aritzia / Overcoat: Aritzia / Sunnies: RayBan

If you guys know me, you know I am a huge sucker for anything that is long, flowy, and loose. Seriously though, there is something about wearing a long and flowy outfit that makes me feel like a princess. Let’s be real here… what girl in their right mind doesn’t want to feel like a princess at all times. 😍 #necessary 

And so we have yet another long and flowy look by yours truly. I decided to mix it up a bit today by doing a Kardashian inspired sleek hairdo. Not something I usually go for, but totally feeling it with this look. It adds a bit more sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. 

Also, these sunnies. Cannot get enough of them. John Lennon killed it with these back in the day and I am so happy RayBan decided to start making them again. For a few years I really wanted a pair (like REALLY WANTED) and was not able to get my hands on any because RayBan discontinued the look. Highly traumatizing for me, naturally. When I decide I want something I pretty much won’t stop until I get it haha. Needless to say I was frickin’ stoked when they came back in stock again. 

Okie that is all from me today babes! Hope you guys like this look as much as I do. Comment below and let me know what you think!





8:52 | February 25, 2016



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A beautiful snowy spot in Whistler, Canada.

Totallllly feeling the winter vibes right now. It is getting to the time of the year where it is sunnier and the days are getting longer, but it is still snowy and beautiful out here in Canada. Going to enjoy the beautiful snowy weather while it is still here. 💕

In other news, my schedule has been freakin’ nuts lately. I have a few exciting trips coming up over the next month or so and I cannot wait to share with you guys! 

Happy Thursday babes! Hope you are having a good one. ❤️





10:40 | February 16, 2016



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Sweater: Artizia / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Hey babes! How is your week going? I don’t know about you guys but this one is hella busy for me and I pretty much can’t wait ’til it’s over haha. But, busy is good. So it’s alllll good.

Lately I have totally been feeling the flared jean look. Honestly my calves have never felt better… 😂 LOL! Like… they are finally fucking free from skinny jeans. The freedom is so real ladies. Anyone else feel me on this? Yay? Nay? Hahah yep… free calves. That is what it has come to here. #sorrynotsorry

Also spring is coming up, and I am super into neutral shades at this time of year. Think creams and whites. All about it.

Have a good rest of your week!





7:31 | February 12, 2016



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A flirty little suit by the babes at Soulstice Swim!

Looking back on some more photos from my Philippines trip over the holidays, and I came across these beauties. This definitely wasn’t the most ideal day (muggy AF and cloudy) but it was our very last day on Puerto Galera, and we made the most of it anyways! Right about now another vacation sounds like a faannnnntastic idea to me. Beach, swimsuits, beers all day long? Yep. Sign me up

For now it’s back to reality and seeing where my next adventure takes me! Also Valentines Day is coming up this weekend! Do you guys remember my post last year about Valentines? Click here to check it out. It is such a cute little holiday, even if you don’t have a bf. Just think about it as an opportunity to spread the love in any way that you can 😊 But, more on that later babes.