Skinny-Belle (16 of 18web)




Skinny-Belle (17 of 18web)

Top: Billabong / Skirt: Billabong

I’m really not sure if I could ask for a better backdrop. Would you look at it?! I mean come on…. so beautiful 😍

For the second leg of my Philippines trip, I was fortunate enough to travel to an area called Puerto Galera. Not going to lie, I definitely was notttt as big of a fan of Puetro Galera as I was of Popototan Island. But, more on that later! I will be posting a summary of my Philippines trip shortly. For now, we focus on my gorrrrrgeous mermaid coloured outfit from Billabong

The colours on this Billabong crop top/skirt combo are to DIE. They are perfect for the upcoming spring season, and I will definitely be rocking this outfit many times over the coming months. You guys already know this, but I am a major sucker for crop tops. They are soooo sexy to me, but not like in-your-face-check-me-out kind of sexy. Crop tops are more…. I’m-so-sexy-but-still-demure-and-modest. You know? lol. Anyways, love crop tops. They are the shit. Especially ones made by the great people at Billabong. 

CLICK HERE to check out the Billabong crop top I am wearing in the photos above! I wear a small.

CLICK HERE to get your hands on the skirt above! Also a size small. ☺️

So much fun wearing this outfit, especially in such a gorgeous location! I was so impatient to share these photos with you guys haha I am obsessed with this outfit. 😄

Talk soon!






  1. you are soooo insanely gorgeous girl!! I love that outfit on you. Are your hair looks incredible considering you’re in such a hot place. mine was like a massive dreadlock when i was in Bali

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