1:25 | May 1, 2020



I’ve spent the last 3 years working from home, and learned a thing or two about extended periods of time solo without a coworker in sight. Since it has been a few weeks of us all social distancing and working from home now, I wanted to share my #1 tip to having a productive and cozy day at home. 

When I first left my corporate job to start my own business, I’d roll out of bed in my pjs and stay that way pretty much the entire day. If I didn’t have to get dressed.. .ya girl was NOT planning on it. I like to think I was rebelling after years of having to “get ready” for the corporate world. This only lasted a few months though. Because I’m telling you, staying in your pyjamas all day long does not work. It does not set you up for a great day. Trust me on this one. 

A major pro-tip I have to set yourself up for success AND stay cozy, because you have the blessing of working from home… Actually get dressed. But not “corporate” dressed. Cute & comfy dressed. After all, you do need to enjoy the fact that you are working from home. 

I find even putting on cute undergarments, can make a massive difference in how I’m feeling that day. It’s doing something special for yourself, and consciously getting ready both physically and mentally for the day ahead. And yes, something as simple as undergarments can make a big difference. 

So today, we’re going to talk my favourite bralettes for a day of working from home. 

When I am staying home I love to wear soft, wireless, bralettes. This way I still feel like I have gotten ready, without the pain and suffering that is an underwire bra. I’ve been living in my SKIMS bralette for the last few weeks. I’m telling you it’s a total game changer. It is so soft, chic, and comfortable. You’re never going to want to take it off! I usually never go to sleep in a bra but the other day I fell asleep while wearing my SKIMS bralette and didn’t realize until the morning lol.

A few other bralette brands I’ve also been wearing are Aritzia (long time fan of their undergarments), Urban Outfitters, and Free People

If you want to have a productive and cozy day at home, getting dressed is the first step. Believe me, I tried it the other way around and it does NOT work out so well! So take the first step, put on some cute undergarments, a comfortable outfit, wash your face, and see what a world of difference it makes. 

Do you have any bralette brands you love? Comment below and let me know what they are!

3:41 | September 7, 2019



Thissss was definitely a first! Troy and I have been trying to do fun new things in LA to enjoy the end of summer here. We found out that the Hollywood forever Cemetery hosts weekly movie nights throughout the summer. Watch today’s vlog to find out what it was like!

On another note, I’ve just finished up editing my LAST photo from Bali!! *quietly cries*

I don’t know what it is about Bali but the light there is just amazing and makes shooting photos soooooo much easier! Very sad to have finished editing all of them.

Since I spent over 2.5 months in Bali this year I decided to make a few recommendation videos on very specific things you need to do if you are ever visiting Bali. Those will come out over the next week or so! So stay tuned 🙂

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10:26 | September 2, 2019



Wanted to spice up today’s Q&A sesh a little bit, with… spice. I’m a huge fan of the show Hot Ones by First We Feast and had the so much fun doing my own mini Hot Ones episode at home!

Hope you enjoyed this one!


4:46 | August 9, 2019



This is 100% my favourite video I’ve made yet. Not because it’s the most entertaining, because I am finally talking about something close to my heart – protecting our planet.

Admittedly, sustainability has been a passion of mine only for about a year or so. Everyone knows you’re supposed to use less plastic, recycle, etc. But I don’t think you can truly understand the effect global warming and excess plastic consumption has on our earth until you see it firsthand.

About a year ago my boyfriend and I spent a month in Tulum, Mexico. When booking our trip, we were expecting a tropical paradise with crystal clear water and lush jungle. Sounded like a dream. Upon arrival, we saw a jungle filled with garbage and dark red water (that literally looked liked blood) teaming with seaweed, bugs, and trash. Not once in our entire month in Tulum did we swim in the ocean. 

This. Woke. Me. The. Fuck. Up.

I honestly can say I was a pretty wasteful person up until this trip to Tulum. Seeing a beautiful paradise destroyed because of my own laziness and wasteful habits was my breaking point.

Enough was enough.

After this trip Troy and I made big changes to move our lives to becoming more zero-waste. I will be talking about this more but thought I’d start with a few simple tips on how you can be less wasteful and keep tropical paradise… well, paradise.

Today’s vlog on simple sustainability tips shares what I saw in Bali (hint: it’s not clean beaches…) and how you can help prevent more beautiful beaches from being destroyed!

Hope you like this video on simple sustainability tips and make sure to leave it a thumbs up.


2:11 | May 17, 2019



It was sunny. AND, I had the day off!!

Montreal is a totally different place when it’s sunny out. It feels like it totally has come to life! New leaves on the trees, people out and about… I love it.

Such a nice relaxing vlog today. Hope you enjoyed hanging out with me on my day off today 🙂


12:24 | May 14, 2019



3:25 | May 4, 2019



We have officially decided to spend a month this summer in Mexico!! And today was not super warm so I really needed an activity that made me think of warmer weather, you know? Sometimes you just gotta go shopping for a trip that is two months away. lol

I did actually get a really cute suit that I feel is pretty classic, and I can wear it again and again. Trying to buy things that I can wear lots of times as a feeble attempt at being more sustainable.

Thanks for watching and I hope you liked this video!


2:55 | April 24, 2019



11:46 | April 21, 2019



Hoppy Easter my friends! Coming to you from my chocolate-coma that is entirely self induced by the Easter basket made in today’s video.

Quick little edit for you today, but I hope you enjoyed it!


12:53 | April 19, 2019



Decided it was time to share my “modeling 101” and how to become a model tips!

I’ve been a fashion model for well over 10 years (yikes!) and have gone through the process of getting an agency many times. Figured I could share my knowledge in hopes it helps someone or provides insight into a mysterious industry.

Let me know what you think of this video, and feel free to leave a comment if you want more videos on modeling!

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