Want to know how I travel the world solo and make videos? This detailed tutorial reveals my entire process on how I make solo-travel vlogs without help from anyone! I share what equipment I use, how I plan my travel vlogs, what types of shots I take, and how I film myself.

If you want to know exactly what equipment I use to make travel videos, click this link for a detailed outline of my current setup and the gear I used when I first started vlogging.

I regularly get comments asking who is filming me, and how I make my videos. So I really wanted to put together this detailed tutorial on all the logistics that go on behind the scenes.

If you are considering taking a trip and think you can’t make a vlog by yourself.. this is definitely a must-watch tutorial!

Once you’ve watched “How To Make Solo-Travel Vlogs”, a great next step is my “How to Edit Vlogs” tutorial. This shares my entire editing process, from start to finish. I review how to organize your footage, where to start when editing, how to keep your audience engaged in your video, audio tips, color grading, and more. Click here to learn how I edit travel vlogs. The combination of these two videos is a great way to start your travel vlogging journey.