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Nothing like a little black dress in Paris!

A few more photos from my Paris trip the other week for you guys!

Diddddd I mention I fell in love with Paris? Yep. Totally head-over-heels in love. This also could have been heavily impacted by the fact that I was drunk on croissants and macarons the entire time. Chocolate wasted for sure. I am literally the biggest sucker for anything sweet/carby/delicious so being in Paris was the equivalent of being a kid in a candy shop for me.

Also can we talk about how people dress in Paris? Everyone just looks better. The women are all SO beauti, I felt like a total creep just staring at everyone and trying to understand why French women are just so…. Je ne sais quoi. Creepiness aside, the women in France really do put themselves together fantastically and I was defs inspired by the style there.

Since I was in Paris, I decided what better to go with than a little black dress. It is a classic piece that you can literally wear 100 times in a hundred different ways. Which is totally winning in my books. What do you guys think? Oui? No? Comment below!!

ALSO, I am a bit late to this party (what else is new lol) but add me on snapchat! 👻@robynkim Let’s be friends 🙂

Love love!





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  1. I love the back of this dress! I’m glad you had fun in Paris – definitely on my bucket list. And don’t worry… I feel like a creep the majority of the time admiring people’s outfits wherever I go. My theory is if you do it with a smile they won’t give you the stank eye as much. Haha! Happy Tuesday!
    Love, Lindsey

    1. Thanks Lindsey!

      Hahah so glad I am not the only one who feels like a major creeper when I am checking out people’s outfits lol. The smiling tip is great, defs going to try that out. I may or may not have a bad case of resting bitchface so it will be good for me 😉

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