Skinny-Belle (9 of 11)

Skinny-Belle (5 of 1111111111)

A flirty little suit by the babes at Soulstice Swim!

Looking back on some more photos from my Philippines trip over the holidays, and I came across these beauties. This definitely wasn’t the most ideal day (muggy AF and cloudy) but it was our very last day on Puerto Galera, and we made the most of it anyways! Right about now another vacation sounds like a faannnnntastic idea to me. Beach, swimsuits, beers all day long? Yep. Sign me up

For now it’s back to reality and seeing where my next adventure takes me! Also Valentines Day is coming up this weekend! Do you guys remember my post last year about Valentines? Click here to check it out. It is such a cute little holiday, even if you don’t have a bf. Just think about it as an opportunity to spread the love in any way that you can 😊 But, more on that later babes.






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