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Shoes: Joie / Dress: Aritzia / Overcoat: Aritzia / Sunnies: RayBan

If you guys know me, you know I am a huge sucker for anything that is long, flowy, and loose. Seriously though, there is something about wearing a long and flowy outfit that makes me feel like a princess. Let’s be real here… what girl in their right mind doesn’t want to feel like a princess at all times. 😍 #necessary 

And so we have yet another long and flowy look by yours truly. I decided to mix it up a bit today by doing a Kardashian inspired sleek hairdo. Not something I usually go for, but totally feeling it with this look. It adds a bit more sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. 

Also, these sunnies. Cannot get enough of them. John Lennon killed it with these back in the day and I am so happy RayBan decided to start making them again. For a few years I really wanted a pair (like REALLY WANTED) and was not able to get my hands on any because RayBan discontinued the look. Highly traumatizing for me, naturally. When I decide I want something I pretty much won’t stop until I get it haha. Needless to say I was frickin’ stoked when they came back in stock again. 

Okie that is all from me today babes! Hope you guys like this look as much as I do. Comment below and let me know what you think!





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