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Top: Zara / Pants: Zara

Would you look at that California sun?! There is something special about the light in Cali, I swear. Needless to say I was more than happy to prance around in front of the camera with my friend Paulina in Los Gatos on the weekend.
I ended up staying the whole weekend in Los Gatos with some girlfriends, and we had a full blown slumber party. 😁 There were face masks, silly snapchats (👻@robynkim is my snapchat username if you don’t follow me!), and TONS of delicious food. Like, the best food. I was dying. It was fantastic. 
So much fun to just relax for a weekend… it was much needed. Sometimes you need to unplug and unwind for a few days to get recharged for the new week ahead. Now I am feeling more energized than ever after my relaxing weekend in California. 🙂 
Okay so we also need to talk about this outfit. Matching sets? LOVE. Cannot get enough of them these days. I got this adorable little set from Zara France when I was in Paris a few weeks back. It makes me feel like a little kid in my playsuit hahaha. Romping around and getting into trouble 😝 Sounds about right to me. hehe
Anyways, what better place to shoot a cute floral outfit like this than Cali, right?! In love with it. Want to get your own? Click here for the top, and click here for the pants.
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