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Dress: Aritzia

Oh yes yes yes. I am all about dresses in the summertime. They are the perfect solution to not sweating to death (seriously though.) Wearing jeans in the summer heat is literally my definition of a living hell haha. Your legs feel like they are encased in two sausage-like incubators that are progressively getting hotter and hotter, with the end goal of baking you from the inside out. No fun at all. Anyways, you get my point. Dresses are the best way to go to fight the summer heat and look damn cute while doing it. 😉

This past weekend I spent my time hanging out in Austin, Texas. Can you tell it was humid by the size of my hair? It was almost as bad as when I was in the Philippines over Christmas this year. My hair was mostly contained in these photos, but the second we stepped outside to go for dinner I looked like Monica from friends when they went on vacation (<– click that link you won’t regret it 😂)

What do you guys think of this little dress? How do you beat the summer heat? Comment below ❤️





10 Replies to “SUMMER FRILLS”

  1. I totally agree! Wearing jeans in the heat is torture. It’s not so bad since we moved up to Ohio from Texas, but there still are hot days!

    I like the dress! It looks like the perfect summer dress. I also wear dresses and skirts and sleep with a fan blowing in my face to stay cool!

  2. Great dress, it is really pretty! Beating the heat is a never ending battle that I can only win if I go swimming or stay in air conditioning. Even as I type, the AC is one and I have a fan blowing on me, LOL. Thank you menopause…

  3. Wish I was girly enough to wear that kind of stuff. I am actually one of those weird people who wear pants all summer long lol!

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