12:41 | June 7, 2019



First time pole dancing today and holy CRAP was this a good workout! I can barely move my arms now lol.

Honestly never thought I’d try pole dancing, but I keep seeing friends of mine practice it and they are in incredible shape so decided to give it a go. I haven’t had that much fun in a fitness class in… years? Really. It was like dancing and gymnastics and weight lifting all in one. Super hard, super rewarding.

Will definitely be going back! Have you pole danced before? What did you think?


8:37 | September 18, 2018



well, this is a thing…

I cannot tell you HOW hesitant I was to share this video. This is a super touchy subject, but the story had to be told.

The point of this video is to share my personal experience with living a healthy lifestyle my entire life, and for two years switching to an EXTREMELY unhealthy lifestyle. Looking back, I can’t believe I let myself live in such an unhealthy way. Crazy!

So check out the video for the full story on how I gained and lost 25 lbs. If you liked the storytime, please leave the video a big thumbs up! Still new to YouTube and it really helps me 🙂

Thank youuuu! Love you.





2:37 | May 22, 2018



How to get back in shape for Summer 2018


I really need this to be a group effort, because I MAJORLY FELL OFF. Ya girl has not worked out in a month and a half.

It feels like shizen. 💩 

Something about me: when I don’t workout for extended periods of time,  it doesn’t just “not feel good” in the typical 27-year old way. I feel like my body is legit breaking down. My back starts to hurt, hips hurt, everything hurtsssss when I don’t have a nice strong set of muscles to support my body.

Does this scare me? Abso-frickin-lutely. I’m terrified.

BUTTTTT for now, the best I can do is accept my pre-elderly ways and keep myself in the best shape possible. And this last month, I have done quite the opposite. Zero. Workouts. 


hahaha well, we’re here now and I shared my top 3 tips on how to get back in shape!

I may or may not have done this a time or 10 in my life. So girl knows what’s up. The tips are VERY simple, but work well for me 🙂

Make sure you give the video a ‘thumbs up’ on youtube if you liked it!




8:07 | December 16, 2017



Yours truly muscling through a Lagree class in Vancouver

LOL hiii guys!

Super excited to share my very first INTERVIEW on Skinny Belle – The Podcast!

This episode is so so fire. I feel like I say that every time, but my guest was super dope and had a ton of valuable fitness + diet information to share with us.

I learned SO much. And you will too.

Ok so who is this mysterious guest?

Let me introduce you to Jenny Brian.



Like wtf you guys. Look at those abs. I aspire. 🙌🏻

Jenny Brian (insta @fitlikejb)  is known as being one of the toughest trainers in LA, she’s a Master Lagree Instructor (aka a BFD), my personal ‘fitness goals’ role model, and an overall badass babe.

In today’s interview we talk fitness & diet. Specifically, we get real deep into Lagree, wtf it is, and all the fab things it will do for your bod. I’ve been a huge fan of Lagree for over a year now, so I was more than thrilled to have Jenny on Skinny Belle – The Podcast to share the Lagree love with you.

Here are some key points covered in this Skinny Belle – The Podcast episode:

– How Jenny lost 20 lbs 😱
– WTF Lagree is
– Why Lagree fitness is definitely NOT pilates
– Fitness as therapy
– Fitness fuelling accomplishment in all aspects of your life
– How to eat if you want to be slim & trim




Alright enjoy everyone!!

Oh yeah, and if you have not already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE & rate Skinny Belle – The Podcast 5 starts on iTunes!! Thank uuuuuuu. 🙏🏻





12:16 | November 16, 2017



Jeans: Parker Smith // Jacket: Bernardo

What a weeeeeek.

Wait, it’s only Wednesday. 😂 Hahah omg.

It was a battle and a half getting this podcast recorded. My friggin recording thingy (that’s the technical term) broke halfway through the episode and it took foreverrrrrrr to fix. By that I mean it took a day. But I am impatient so in my brain that is foreverrrrr. 😉 A bit of a rage-enducing delay on my end… but all is well as the show has FINALLY aired! 🎉

This is the first ever Skinny Belle – The Podcast episode all about fitness. And how to keep that bod rockin’.

V important.


Using an iPhone?



Using an Android?



What’s in this episode?

First, I share all the details of my lifelong fitness journey. And when I say ‘share’, perhaps I mean ‘over-share’. hahaha. #truestory. Really didn’t leave any detail out when it comes to highs and lows of my personal fitness.

Yes, we got into the fat college years. The shame. 😂

Point being, I go over all my learning experiences from this fitness journey and oh-so-smoothly transition into talking about my top tips to stay fit that I employ in my day-to-day life. 💪🏻

One topic discussed is how accomplishment fuels accomlishment. This is a big one for me, and I mentioned a book that really helped me called “The Power of Habit” which is a great book on why we do what we do. The author goes into why we build habits, and how we can change them to be more productive habits. A fabbity fab read for me, so check it out if you’re into that.

In my “How to Stay Fit – 4 Simple Tips!” podcast episode, I shared strategies to stay motivated in your fitness that are super practical and easy to use every day! 💯

Check out the episode, either on iTunes or Soundcloud, and let me know what you think! 💞




11:36 | November 8, 2017



Strong is beautiful, let’s go get em’ 🐯

#GIRLBOSS CORE WORKOUT is all about packing the best core exercises into one routine, that you can do with absolutely no equipment! 💪🏻

Obsessssssed with this workout, because it makes your waist SO SNATCHED. I love it. The abs will be poppin’ if you keep this one up.

**Best way to do this Skinny Belle workout? As you watch pause to read the move descriptions, watch the demo, and then go at it yourself! 😄 Also, I have included time-stamps below if you want to skip ahead. 💕

0:24 Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

– Start in a plank
– Pull one knee in towards your opposite shoulder
– Keep your core TIGHT the entire time

0:34 Hip Raises

– Lay on your back with your feet near your bum
– Put your arms on the floor at your sides, and press your hips up
– Squeeze them glutes… hard 😉

***This is a favourite of mine. It feels amazing when you have super old person hips like me. 👵🏻 The flexers stretch right out and just feel ahhhhmazing.💯

0:45 Side Plank w/ Hip Raise

– Place one foot in front of the other and hold a side plank
– Raise and lower your hip
***Again, if you have bad hips like me, this feels like CRACK. 😩

0:57 Leg Raise to Kneeling Crunch

– Start on your hands and knees & extend one leg out behind you
– Raise that leg, and then bring it in to a kneeling crunch
– Suck your abs up when you do this 👌🏻

1:11 Plank Jumps

– Get into a plank, feet hip distance apart
– Jump your feet in and out
– Keep the core tight, this will kill ya! 💦

1:22 Toe Touches

 – Lay on your back, with your legs up at a 90-degree angle
 – Reach your opposite hand to touch the outside of your shoe




10:07 | October 17, 2017



Get that 🍑 LIT

YAAAASSSS! Obsessed with this workout. 💪🏻

This is one of my absolute favourite workouts to do to keep my abs and booty TIGHT AF! 💯

Designed by Braden Touche, head trainer at Four Seasons Vancouver, this workout can be done all at home with no equipment. We used some extra weight and resistance in this video, but it can be done either way. 😊

The best way to do this workout is to pause the video on the move description after watching the demo. If you hit up🎥MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL🎥you can see detailed instructions with clickable links to the right part of the video.

If you want to do the workout right from Skinny Belle (aka here 🤓), you can find the instructions written out below:

Single Leg Bridge
– Lie down with your heel close to your booty
– With one leg in the air, press into your foot on the ground and raise dat ass up into a bridge
25 reps, 2x

Curtsy Lunge to Squat 
– Step one foot behind and across the other and lower into a lunge
– Step back into a regular squat (make sure you engage the core the whole time, ur bod will be lit)
15 reps, 2x

Bungee Kick 
– Raise one leg up and over across your midline
– Keep the rest of your body totally still
30 reps, 2x

Bicycle Crunch 
– Start in a V-sit, engage those abs
– Bring one knee and the opposite elbow together, do the other side
– Reach up and try and touch your toes
20 reps, 2x

Leg Raises
– Put your hands under your booty to keep this move slow and controlled
– Raise legs, at the top, lift your bum off the floor
15 reps, 2x

Plank Claps 
– Grab your bestie and get into two plank
– High five eachother a bunch of times
1 minute! Challenge yourself to see how long you can go for 🙂

Hope you love this workout as much as I do! 😁If you try it at home, send me a message! I want to know your thoughts and feedback. 💌

Thank you to James Manzano for the dope edit! 🎥




5:17 | January 30, 2017



Top/bottoms: Billabong

Longboarding today! Got out there in some pretty savage waves/wind to do some surfing. Definitely was far from my best day on the water (like, the farthest), but it was still awesome to get out there for a little bit.

Enjoying our resort in the Ko Olina area today and relaxing for the remainder of the day! Have some super cute beach looks coming for you guys soon <3


9:04 | January 8, 2017






Another beautiful day at Whistler Blackcomb 

Give me any choice in the world as to how I spend my free time? Chances are, this is it. I am 100% that person who is in bed before 10 pm on a Friday night so I can get up early and go skiing the next morning (I like to party, what can I say ?) It’s all about priorities and making the time to do what you love. After all, what on earth is the point if we can’t do the things we love in life? #realtalk

So make sure you take the time to do what you love, whatever that may be. The world will be a happier place for it.

On another note, lately I have had a badddd case of the travel bug. It has been far too long since I’ve gone on an adventure, so I am stoked to say that I have a few trips planned this month! Will be going to London this week (already preparing my English accent to annoy all the locals), and 2 weeks from now HAWAII!!!! Surfing all day every day? Yes please. All about it. Thinking about buying a new GoPro for that trip so I can take some gangster surfing pics. (lol) We will see.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Happy Sunday 🙂



8:18 | October 9, 2015




Robyn-Gummer (13 of 14)

Robyn-Gummer (6 of 14)

A bit of motivation to get your butt in shape for fall!

Today we are talking about how to not completely let ourselves go in the fall. Lets be real here. I need this post, you need this post, we all freakin’ need this post. It’s that time of year when our overzealous pre-summer fitness goals have long been abandoned, and exchanged for way too much comfort food and Netflix. (<– real talk.)

Ladies, let’s get it together. Just because the temperatures are dropping and it is getting ever rainier, does not give us an excuse to stop all exercise and starting eating like crazy! It is so important to maintain a healthy body and mind year round, and not have an annual “get skinny for the beach” panic attack a month before summer starts. We should feel like we are at our best, always.

Alrighty, so how can we make sure we stay active for fall? Below are my favourite tips!



Get a girlfriend and schedule a gym date together, every week. The buddy system is SO KEY to making sure you go do your workout. It is way harder to say no and ditch someone than it is to quietly tell yourself as you inhale a pie that “it’s okay, you can go workout tomorrow instead….” So, gym buddy. Get one, and stick together like glue!


Even though I am a bigggg fan of being in the outdoors to get my exercise (hence the photos above lol), there are just too many rainy and gloomy days in the fall for me to realistically expect myself to go for walks and jogs every day. It just ain’t happening. So, pick an indoor activity to do! For example: spinning, yoga, pilates, or even kickboxing! All great ways to stay sheltered from this fall weather & still get your fitness on. And obviously when the sun is shining get outside and enjoy it!


Invest in some new workout gear! This is so simple, but ohhh so effective. There is no feeling like rollin’ into the gym like you own the place in your new sneaks. LOL! I am serious. It makes me feel like such a boss. So go out and get yourself a cute new little workout outfit. Who knows, maybe you will catch the eye of the hottie to your left on the treadmill 😉


I have talked about goal setting before and how it can be a great motivator with your fitness! And this is no exception. Make your workouts a challenge for yourself, and see how much you can accomplish. If you set a goal for yourself and have an actual objective to work towards, you will be so much more motivated!


Okay so once you set those goals, and achieve them…. Treat yo-self!!! Buy yourself those shoes you have been wanting for a few months. Cuz babes, you deserve it. Believe me you will feel even more fab when you strut around in those new boots when you know you have earned them!


So guys, those are my favourite tips to stay active in the fall! Just remember it is all about feeling good all year round. You will be happier and healthier for it… promise! 🙂

Okay so now I am going to go practice what I preach… and get my pilates on! What are you guys going to do to stay fit for fall? Comment below, the more inspo the better! <3

Lots of love.