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A bit of motivation to get your butt in shape for fall!

Today we are talking about how to not completely let ourselves go in the fall. Lets be real here. I need this post, you need this post, we all freakin’ need this post. It’s that time of year when our overzealous pre-summer fitness goals have long been abandoned, and exchanged for way too much comfort food and Netflix. (<– real talk.)

Ladies, let’s get it together. Just because the temperatures are dropping and it is getting ever rainier, does not give us an excuse to stop all exercise and starting eating like crazy! It is so important to maintain a healthy body and mind year round, and not have an annual “get skinny for the beach” panic attack a month before summer starts. We should feel like we are at our best, always.

Alrighty, so how can we make sure we stay active for fall? Below are my favourite tips!



Get a girlfriend and schedule a gym date together, every week. The buddy system is SO KEY to making sure you go do your workout. It is way harder to say no and ditch someone than it is to quietly tell yourself as you inhale a pie that “it’s okay, you can go workout tomorrow instead….” So, gym buddy. Get one, and stick together like glue!


Even though I am a bigggg fan of being in the outdoors to get my exercise (hence the photos above lol), there are just too many rainy and gloomy days in the fall for me to realistically expect myself to go for walks and jogs every day. It just ain’t happening. So, pick an indoor activity to do! For example: spinning, yoga, pilates, or even kickboxing! All great ways to stay sheltered from this fall weather & still get your fitness on. And obviously when the sun is shining get outside and enjoy it!


Invest in some new workout gear! This is so simple, but ohhh so effective. There is no feeling like rollin’ into the gym like you own the place in your new sneaks. LOL! I am serious. It makes me feel like such a boss. So go out and get yourself a cute new little workout outfit. Who knows, maybe you will catch the eye of the hottie to your left on the treadmill 😉


I have talked about goal setting before and how it can be a great motivator with your fitness! And this is no exception. Make your workouts a challenge for yourself, and see how much you can accomplish. If you set a goal for yourself and have an actual objective to work towards, you will be so much more motivated!


Okay so once you set those goals, and achieve them…. Treat yo-self!!! Buy yourself those shoes you have been wanting for a few months. Cuz babes, you deserve it. Believe me you will feel even more fab when you strut around in those new boots when you know you have earned them!


So guys, those are my favourite tips to stay active in the fall! Just remember it is all about feeling good all year round. You will be happier and healthier for it… promise! 🙂

Okay so now I am going to go practice what I preach… and get my pilates on! What are you guys going to do to stay fit for fall? Comment below, the more inspo the better! <3

Lots of love.






  1. I so needed a post like this as a reminder. The last few days I’m all about heavy food and ate so much choclate. I mean indulging from time to time is one thing but I think it was more than that.
    But as you said when the weather it rainy and cold it’s so hard to move outside instead of snuggle on the couch. But you kicked my ass and I will do some HIIT today!
    Healthy for The Lazy | Instagram

    1. That is so good to hear that you were inspired by this post!! Love it 🙂 It can be hard to stay active at this time of year, but if you can manage it it makes a big difference 🙂

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