Get that 🍑 LIT

YAAAASSSS! Obsessed with this workout. 💪🏻

This is one of my absolute favourite workouts to do to keep my abs and booty TIGHT AF! 💯

Designed by Braden Touche, head trainer at Four Seasons Vancouver, this workout can be done all at home with no equipment. We used some extra weight and resistance in this video, but it can be done either way. 😊

The best way to do this workout is to pause the video on the move description after watching the demo. If you hit up🎥MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL🎥you can see detailed instructions with clickable links to the right part of the video.

If you want to do the workout right from Skinny Belle (aka here 🤓), you can find the instructions written out below:

Single Leg Bridge
– Lie down with your heel close to your booty
– With one leg in the air, press into your foot on the ground and raise dat ass up into a bridge
25 reps, 2x

Curtsy Lunge to Squat 
– Step one foot behind and across the other and lower into a lunge
– Step back into a regular squat (make sure you engage the core the whole time, ur bod will be lit)
15 reps, 2x

Bungee Kick 
– Raise one leg up and over across your midline
– Keep the rest of your body totally still
30 reps, 2x

Bicycle Crunch 
– Start in a V-sit, engage those abs
– Bring one knee and the opposite elbow together, do the other side
– Reach up and try and touch your toes
20 reps, 2x

Leg Raises
– Put your hands under your booty to keep this move slow and controlled
– Raise legs, at the top, lift your bum off the floor
15 reps, 2x

Plank Claps 
– Grab your bestie and get into two plank
– High five eachother a bunch of times
1 minute! Challenge yourself to see how long you can go for 🙂

Hope you love this workout as much as I do! 😁If you try it at home, send me a message! I want to know your thoughts and feedback. 💌

Thank you to James Manzano for the dope edit! 🎥




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