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Finalllyyyyy I am in some colder weather! Never thought I’d say those words… lol.

It has been super weird experiencing “fall” in LA. There really is no drop in the temperature and it’s still just straight up hot. Maybe in the morning it gets a bit cool, but other than that… full on summer in my opinion. 😂

This past week I went to Wisconsin for the first time to my boyfriend’s parents lakehouse. (Eeeep!)

So pretty there I couldn’t believe it! Totally reminded me of Canada with all the falling leaves and the gorgeous nature. About. That. Life.

So naturally I had to take advantage of the leaves like the basic b I am and take a bunch of pics. Because, I can’t EVEN. 😉

After we spent a few days in Wisconsin we are back in Chicago now. Spent the day downtown yesterday and filmed a little vlog! Will share later this week.

Anywho, just wanted to say hi. 👋🏻




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