I’ve spent the last 3 years working from home, and learned a thing or two about extended periods of time solo without a coworker in sight. Since it has been a few weeks of us all social distancing and working from home now, I wanted to share my #1 tip to having a productive and cozy day at home. 

When I first left my corporate job to start my own business, I’d roll out of bed in my pjs and stay that way pretty much the entire day. If I didn’t have to get dressed.. .ya girl was NOT planning on it. I like to think I was rebelling after years of having to “get ready” for the corporate world. This only lasted a few months though. Because I’m telling you, staying in your pyjamas all day long does not work. It does not set you up for a great day. Trust me on this one. 

A major pro-tip I have to set yourself up for success AND stay cozy, because you have the blessing of working from home… Actually get dressed. But not “corporate” dressed. Cute & comfy dressed. After all, you do need to enjoy the fact that you are working from home. 

I find even putting on cute undergarments, can make a massive difference in how I’m feeling that day. It’s doing something special for yourself, and consciously getting ready both physically and mentally for the day ahead. And yes, something as simple as undergarments can make a big difference. 

So today, we’re going to talk my favourite bralettes for a day of working from home. 

When I am staying home I love to wear soft, wireless, bralettes. This way I still feel like I have gotten ready, without the pain and suffering that is an underwire bra. I’ve been living in my SKIMS bralette for the last few weeks. I’m telling you it’s a total game changer. It is so soft, chic, and comfortable. You’re never going to want to take it off! I usually never go to sleep in a bra but the other day I fell asleep while wearing my SKIMS bralette and didn’t realize until the morning lol.

A few other bralette brands I’ve also been wearing are Aritzia (long time fan of their undergarments), Urban Outfitters, and Free People

If you want to have a productive and cozy day at home, getting dressed is the first step. Believe me, I tried it the other way around and it does NOT work out so well! So take the first step, put on some cute undergarments, a comfortable outfit, wash your face, and see what a world of difference it makes. 

Do you have any bralette brands you love? Comment below and let me know what they are!

5 Replies to “COZY AT HOME”

  1. Ever since quarantine began, learning how to adapt to online schooling and remote internships has been a challenge. I’ve found that waking up at a good hour (7:30-8:00 AM) and getting ready in the morning helps tremendously with my productivity! Plus, even when it’s lounging around the house, who doesn’t like looking cute and feeling good?? The SKIMS bralette is amazing! I just recently ordered the strapless one – I’m too excited!

  2. I definitely agree I feel more productive when I dress up to go sit at my desk. After reading this I did not realize how my undergarments could make a difference in how productive I am, so definitely now I will definitely need a SKIMS bralette.

  3. At the start of quarantine, I didn’t care too much about my appearance which led me to become less motivated all around. After a while I found that it definitely helps when you dress nice even if it just to sit at your desk or make breakfast. You just feel better and more “normal” during this time. It also has made me more productive and I would even say happier! For someone who loves fashion I used this time to create new outfits and try out new styles.

  4. The SKIMS bralletes look sooo comfortable and cute! I understand how wearing it could make a difference in someones day! Definitely gonna try it.

  5. Your aesthetic is EVERYTHING, you have such an eye for the camera and incorporate such beautiful poses! I’ve been hearing so many amazing things about the SKIMS bralettes, and your article only confirms that I need to order one (like ASAP) 🙂

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