12:00 | November 4, 2015




Las Vegas for the weekend!

What a weekend! Jetted off to go on another Vegas adventure last weekend. Halloween weekend in Vegas?! Yes please. My favourite part of Halloween is checking out everyone’s costumes. It is always hilarious to see what people come up with. Let’s all ignore the fact that my costume was sobasic-it-hurts this year. I am a busy woman and didn’t have time to plan anything legit. I know, it’s no excuse. 😔 Next year I will get it together, because… #priorities. Halloween is practically a religious holiday to me haha. After college there are barely any opportunities to dress up anymore, so Halloween is pretty much it. And the sorority girl in me misses having at least one costume party every week. 😂

It was great to spend the weekend hanging out with friends, dancing, and enjoying a festive beverage or 6. Basically that weekend ate up my whole 20% of my 80/20 lifestyle for the week (click here if you haven’t read about the Skinny Belle lifestyle, it’s the best.) There were a lotttttt of sugary drinks and way too much delicious food happening. We had two equally fantastic dinners at Tao and Lavo. If you haven’t been, go. Yesterday. Such unreal spots. 

After a big weekend of eating and drinking, I am in full detox mode right now. Girl will be following my “recover from a weekend of overindulgence” plan, and practically bathing in coconut oil (<– it is magical and makes everything better.)

How were your Halloweekends?! If you have a blog/instagram, link it below in the comment section so I can check out your costumes! 





9:05 | September 13, 2015



Skinny-Belle (12 of 18)


Woooo!!! You guys I had such a fun weekend in Vegas! 

So obviously this photo is not from Vegas…. I major failed at taking any photos this weekend because it was all fun all the time. I will be better next time, promise 🙂 But anyways, I am in the airport right now waiting for my flight back to Vancouver. I am going to need to do some serious healthy eating this week to make up for all the food and festive drinks this weekend. And rest, I need that. Lots of it. 

For those of you who might be taking a trip to Vegas soon, there are a few things you can do to make sure you stay healthy while you are staying out late and living it up.

Here are my fave quick tricks for staying healthy on a not-so-restful trip:


Bring like 740328742038748 packs of Emergen-C with you. Drink like 5 of those bad boys a day. It will save you, I swear haha. 


Drink way more water than you ever think you need. Keeping your body hydrated is so key when you are staying up late and dancing the nights away!


Eat it. All of it. Make sure your meals are substantial and you get some meat or vegetarian protein in you.

There you have it friends! Those are my quick and easy tricks on how to survive Vegas. I feel pretty damn good right now so I would say they are “tested and true.”

Lots of great stuff coming for you this week! I hope you are hungry, there are some tasty recipes coming your way. 🙂





5:39 | July 18, 2015




Skinny-Belle (8 of 12)

Skinny-Belle (12 of 12)


Skinny-Belle (9 of 12)


Yesterday’s lunch situation was on-point. I was happy to be invited to a women in business lunch in the British Properties. There was an amazing motivational speaker at the event, who got me SO fired up on life. She spoke about playing to win, and how women can go from “successful” to “powerful” in the business world. That is my kind of shit right there. I totally love hearing the inspirational stories of others, and the powerful messages they have to share. Needless to say, the inspo was real.

Okay so now on to the important stuff. The food. High tea is seriously the best. Why? Because everyone knows that calories don’t count when things are miniature. Fact. LOL ok I am totally kidding, but really…. mini things are the best. Everything about high tea is so cute! I especially couldn’t stop eating those delicious pink mini-macarons. They were fucking fantastic.

ALSO. I have a public service announcement to make about macarons. A macaron is a small French confection that is meringue based and filled with buttercream (or something of the like.) A macaROON is a coconut or almond cluster. They are not the same thing. So pleaseeeeeee for the love of god don’t be going around saying how much you love macaroons when you are really talking about macarons. Please. Otherwise I might get a fork and take it to my eye. LOL. Kidding……….

So ya! Great high tea with a really inspiring group of women. It was honestly so amazing to be around such a great group of likeminded women, and meet some cool new people. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And remember folks…. macaron, not macaroon. 😛






12:05 | June 19, 2015








I am one very happy camper. Right now I am sitting on my flight to Vegas, and getting SO stoked for the weekend ahead.

And also kind of worrying about what the hell I packed. Can we talk about packing for a minute? In most situations in life I verge on being OCD organized. But with my packing… I am honestly not sure what goes wrong in my brain but I start acting like it is the fashion apocalypse or something and that if I don’t bring SO MANY OPTIONS I might die. So I always end up with a way too full suitcase and just a ridiculous amount of clothing. Because…. WHAT IF I need to go on a tropical safari, or WHAT IF I need to change outfits 600 times a day because why not. This is my thought process while packing. AKA I bring way too much shit that I never use on the trip because…. “just in case.” Haha (<– insert like 100 crying/laughing emoticons right here) So anyways, I overpacked as per usual. But what else is new in my world. If anything, I like to be prepared for all situations so I am more than well equipped to go on a space mission to NASA if they so desire to request my presence.

Alright so back to VEGAS! There are quite a few things on the schedule this weekend. (Yes, I schedule everything. Because I am an efficiency queen.) My top priority is to sit my ass by the side of a pool with a drink in my hand at all times. It is supposed to be like a million degrees this weekend (fml) but I will keep myself hydrated on a very strict all-liquid diet. And by this I am vodka. 😛 LOL kiddinggggg (kind of but not really.) But in all seriousness I am going to be drinking a ton of water and wearing allllll the sunscreen this weekend so I don’t shrivel up and become a dehydrated prune in the sun. Dehydrated prunes are not cute. Water is key to looking and feeling great, so it will be my BFF this weekend. (Also check out this post on the top 5 reasons you should drink more water!)

Another thing that is on the schedule this weekend is EDC music festival. So stoked to listen to some great music and dance my little heart out. Apologies in advance to anyone who has to witness me and my lankyness dancing. It actually can be really scary.

So this is also my first time going to Vegas! If you guys have any good tips for restaurants/things to do, please comment below and let me know your fave places in Vegas. Help a sista out 😉

Okie talk soon!






1:00 | February 11, 2015








How cool is this?! If you follow me on Instagram (@robynkimb), you know that Pat and I went on a bit of an adventure the other day. We found such a beautiful spot! This gorgeous waterfall is called Alexandra Falls and is located in Whistler, Canada.

As you can see winter is still pretty much in full force here in Canada… so there wasn’t much choice as to what to wear. Jeans, a comfy sweater, and a relaxed tee for me! And obvi a pair of leather boots so your feet don’t fall off from frostbite. (I wish that was a joke.)

I totally want to come back here in the summer! Would be such a nice and romantical (Yes, that is a word. Let me have it 😛 ) picnic spot! There were all these little picnic tables scattered all around, so into it. 

Off to go do a bit of a workout! Talk soon <3





11:45 | November 12, 2014










Did something a little bit different this weekend, we took a trip to interior BC and went off-roading up in the mountains! It was such a cool adventure. The foliage is quite different from Vancouver, and we saw so many beautiful lakes and mountains on our drive. It was also super chilly up there, so I was sure to wear my warmest coat! 🙂

One really interesting part of our adventure was this old run-down vacation resort that we came across. It looked like it had been a super popular lodge at one point, but now looked more or less abandoned. We went inside the main room of the lodge to check it out and actually ended up meeting the husband and wife team who have owned the resort for 40 years together. Totally different experience… I am so glad we went inside and explored!