Las Vegas for the weekend!

What a weekend! Jetted off to go on another Vegas adventure last weekend. Halloween weekend in Vegas?! Yes please. My favourite part of Halloween is checking out everyone’s costumes. It is always hilarious to see what people come up with. Let’s all ignore the fact that my costume was sobasic-it-hurts this year. I am a busy woman and didn’t have time to plan anything legit. I know, it’s no excuse. 😔 Next year I will get it together, because… #priorities. Halloween is practically a religious holiday to me haha. After college there are barely any opportunities to dress up anymore, so Halloween is pretty much it. And the sorority girl in me misses having at least one costume party every week. 😂

It was great to spend the weekend hanging out with friends, dancing, and enjoying a festive beverage or 6. Basically that weekend ate up my whole 20% of my 80/20 lifestyle for the week (click here if you haven’t read about the Skinny Belle lifestyle, it’s the best.) There were a lotttttt of sugary drinks and way too much delicious food happening. We had two equally fantastic dinners at Tao and Lavo. If you haven’t been, go. Yesterday. Such unreal spots. 

After a big weekend of eating and drinking, I am in full detox mode right now. Girl will be following my “recover from a weekend of overindulgence” plan, and practically bathing in coconut oil (<– it is magical and makes everything better.)

How were your Halloweekends?! If you have a blog/instagram, link it below in the comment section so I can check out your costumes! 





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  1. i remember when i was in vegas i thought “now i understand why in the movies people are always so ecstatic in vegas, they get married and all”. the darker it gets the more alive the city is! the lights and euphoria is overwhelming. can’t imagine what Halloween would be like there. too bad you didn’t get to dress up crazy! would love to see how hilarious your costume could be considering you sound like you worship Halloween! 😀 hahaha what’s the craziest you’ve ever dressed as?

    1. That is SO true! The city really does become alive at night 🙂

      I know I really wish I could have had a wittier/better costume, but hey.. life happens haha. :p One time I dressed up as a giant cheeseburger LOL. Not even kidding..

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