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Yesterday’s lunch situation was on-point. I was happy to be invited to a women in business lunch in the British Properties. There was an amazing motivational speaker at the event, who got me SO fired up on life. She spoke about playing to win, and how women can go from “successful” to “powerful” in the business world. That is my kind of shit right there. I totally love hearing the inspirational stories of others, and the powerful messages they have to share. Needless to say, the inspo was real.

Okay so now on to the important stuff. The food. High tea is seriously the best. Why? Because everyone knows that calories don’t count when things are miniature. Fact. LOL ok I am totally kidding, but really…. mini things are the best. Everything about high tea is so cute! I especially couldn’t stop eating those delicious pink mini-macarons. They were fucking fantastic.

ALSO. I have a public service announcement to make about macarons. A macaron is a small French confection that is meringue based and filled with buttercream (or something of the like.) A macaROON is a coconut or almond cluster. They are not the same thing. So pleaseeeeeee for the love of god don’t be going around saying how much you love macaroons when you are really talking about macarons. Please. Otherwise I might get a fork and take it to my eye. LOL. Kidding……….

So ya! Great high tea with a really inspiring group of women. It was honestly so amazing to be around such a great group of likeminded women, and meet some cool new people. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And remember folks…. macaron, not macaroon. 😛






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