Did something a little bit different this weekend, we took a trip to interior BC and went off-roading up in the mountains! It was such a cool adventure. The foliage is quite different from Vancouver, and we saw so many beautiful lakes and mountains on our drive. It was also super chilly up there, so I was sure to wear my warmest coat! 🙂

One really interesting part of our adventure was this old run-down vacation resort that we came across. It looked like it had been a super popular lodge at one point, but now looked more or less abandoned. We went inside the main room of the lodge to check it out and actually ended up meeting the husband and wife team who have owned the resort for 40 years together. Totally different experience… I am so glad we went inside and explored!





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  1. You look very beautiful in your winter outfit!
    Your photos are always great! Congrats to you and your photographer!
    I followed you on your social media so that I don’t miss your new posts.

  2. I love adventures! And you look so pretty!

    Thank you so much, for the sweet comment on my blog! I would love it if we would follow each other on bloglovin and stay in contact! I will follow back immediately!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  3. I agree with everyone that the photos are awesome! My aunt and uncle live off the coast of Vancouver and I keep meaning to visit them someday soon! I’ve never spent much time in the western parts of Canada or the United States. Visiting from the Blogging Collective!

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