I am one very happy camper. Right now I am sitting on my flight to Vegas, and getting SO stoked for the weekend ahead.

And also kind of worrying about what the hell I packed. Can we talk about packing for a minute? In most situations in life I verge on being OCD organized. But with my packing… I am honestly not sure what goes wrong in my brain but I start acting like it is the fashion apocalypse or something and that if I don’t bring SO MANY OPTIONS I might die. So I always end up with a way too full suitcase and just a ridiculous amount of clothing. Because…. WHAT IF I need to go on a tropical safari, or WHAT IF I need to change outfits 600 times a day because why not. This is my thought process while packing. AKA I bring way too much shit that I never use on the trip because…. “just in case.” Haha (<– insert like 100 crying/laughing emoticons right here) So anyways, I overpacked as per usual. But what else is new in my world. If anything, I like to be prepared for all situations so I am more than well equipped to go on a space mission to NASA if they so desire to request my presence.

Alright so back to VEGAS! There are quite a few things on the schedule this weekend. (Yes, I schedule everything. Because I am an efficiency queen.) My top priority is to sit my ass by the side of a pool with a drink in my hand at all times. It is supposed to be like a million degrees this weekend (fml) but I will keep myself hydrated on a very strict all-liquid diet. And by this I am vodka. 😛 LOL kiddinggggg (kind of but not really.) But in all seriousness I am going to be drinking a ton of water and wearing allllll the sunscreen this weekend so I don’t shrivel up and become a dehydrated prune in the sun. Dehydrated prunes are not cute. Water is key to looking and feeling great, so it will be my BFF this weekend. (Also check out this post on the top 5 reasons you should drink more water!)

Another thing that is on the schedule this weekend is EDC music festival. So stoked to listen to some great music and dance my little heart out. Apologies in advance to anyone who has to witness me and my lankyness dancing. It actually can be really scary.

So this is also my first time going to Vegas! If you guys have any good tips for restaurants/things to do, please comment below and let me know your fave places in Vegas. Help a sista out 😉

Okie talk soon!






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  1. I’m so excited for you to head to Vegas! I will be making a trip out there over the July 4th weekend and hope to be doing the exact same thing you plan to! I’ve never been to a EDC concert before but it sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a great time!

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