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Not going to lie, this hike was cold. Like it was frickin freezing you guys. Think 35 km/hr winds + 4 degrees celcius, at the highest point on Whistler Mountain. But, alas, we did it. Because sometimes you just need to get out there and kick butt

This post is directly related my other post on “just doing it.” Sometimes the weather isn’t great, and you don’t really feel like going out and getting active. But if you suck it up and get out there, chances are you will never regret it. You will also probably feel like a champ. Kind of like I did after we conquered this savage day.(<— get ready for a “how to stay healthy in the fall” post coming your way soon.)

Moral of the story? Get your ass off the couch and get active! It will keep your mind and body feeling great. So… JUST DO IT!





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