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Annnnnnd I’m back. A little goth, simple colours, and lots of black. Fall is here and I love to dress to match the season. Summer is fantastic, but here in Vancouver fall is a pretty beautiful time. Yes it rains a lot, but the city is still gorgeous. And fall fashion. Yaaaasssss, I love it.

It is just so chic, you know? Everything dark, lots of hats, and of course… layers. All the layers. Uhg I am so excited. And also scared for my wallet… It is not even ready for all the shopping I am going to do haha. Anyone else overspend at the beginning of every new season? Or is that just me… Legit sometimes I walk into the mall feeling guilty before I even buy anything hahaha. It’s like I subconsciously know what damage I am going to do to my bank account before I even step into a store. Ok it’s definitely not subconscious because I know exactly what I am going to do lol. I am the ultimate consumer. 😛 Oh welllll! We all have our vices, right?! And this one happens to be lots of fun 😀

Okay on to my first official “fall” outfit here on Skinny Belle for this season. My sweater is from Talula Babaton (Aritzia) and I got it while I was busy selling my soul at the Aritzia warehouse sale. I am not proud of the things that happened in that sale — let’s just say I checked my dignity at the door. It was pretty much like being at war with all the women of Vancouver. To anyone whom I savagely fought for that last pair of Citizen jeans, I am truly sorry. But, we were are all in it together. And I will see you next year at the next sale 😉

But yes so you can’t actually buy this exact sweater anymore, but here are a few similar sweaters I picked out for you guys:




Happy shopping babes! Hopefully you guys are a bit more responsible with your spending than I am 😉 heheh I am an enabler, sorry! 😛





6 Replies to “FALL IS HERE!!”

  1. Hahaha, this post had a me laughing! I know what you mean. A couple of years ago I worked at a fashion store and literally I would spend my paycheck the same day I got it. Let say I eat my dose of ramen noodles but I looked fabulous while I was eating it, hahah! But loving the dark lipstick on you! Fall fashion is my favorite! Hugs! http://www.monalisas.no

    1. Hahah yesss!! That is my goal 🙂
      It sounds like we mighhhhht be the same when it comes to our shopping habits lol! Like I said, not the worst vice ever 😉 hehe

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