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Matcha green tea. SO GOOD. So healthy. Soooo many health benefits. I probably should have shared with sooner with you guys, but I mean… late is better than never right?! K so I am a bit late to the matcha party but what is important is that I am here now 😀

So first, what is matcha? Matcha is essentially a very high quality green tea, that is blended into a fine powder. Unlike regular green tea, matcha tea is not steeped. You simply whisk it in with your hot water and drink up!

I have made drinking a cup of matcha tea a part of my daily routine. Because of it’s high caffeine content, I find it to be the perfect “afternoon pick-me-up” drink. Not only this, there are tons of major benefits to drinking this magical green drink (yes, magical.)

Here are my favourite reasons to drink matcha tea on the daily:


Ohhhhh yessssss, that is right ladies. Matcha tea helps your body burn fat at a faster rate (about 4 times faster!) than normal. AKA it increases your metabolism. AKA it is magical and amazing. A fast metabolism is a thing of beauty, people. 


Yea, antioxidants. Those things that everyone is yapping on about. They do lots of amazing things for our body, including reducing & fighting the effects of UV radiation and making our skin look young and beautiful. You guys know how obsessed I am with keeping my skin looking young. See my posts on Gelatin (the natural botox), Borage Oil, BioSil, and my Coffee Face Scrub. Like I said, obsessed. You will thank me later 😉


We all need to be focused when we are busy being #GIRLBOSSES. A cup of matcha will increase your energy levels, boost your memory, and help improve your concentration. Winning? I think so.


Seriously this is a big winner for me. Being sick sucks, and I hate it. Like, a lot. So anything that can help boost my immunity is a big bonus in my books! (Read about another one of my fave cold cures here.)

Oh yes friends, matcha offers all those benefits and more. The abouve are just my favourites. 😀 SO DRINK UP!!! 

Where can you get matcha tea? I buy mine at Davids Tea. Click here to get their Ceremonial Matcha Tea! It’s delish. 🙂 Enjoy!





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    1. That’s awesome! I actually tried to make some pancakes with matcha the other day and they were a total fail!!! No idea what I did wrong haha will have to revise my recipe and try again 😛

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