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LOOK AT IT. I can’t even. So freaking beautiful.

It wasn’t necessarily the most challenging hike I have done in my life, but HEY. Still counts. The hike up to Cheakamus Lake was about 16km round trip, which sounds impressive but the elevation was not very high so it was easy peasy.

Also I got new hiking boots. I swear to god hikers in Vancouver are so judgey. Try wearing your gym Nike’s on a hike. JUST TRY IT. I dare you. I guarantee some elitist hiker (or whatever you call that breed) will publicly shame you for your inappropriate choice of footwear. This totally happened to me on the last hike I went on to Garibaldi Lake. LOL. Alas, the peer pressure got to me and I went out and got myself the best pair of hiking boots I could find. It feels like I am in some sort of awesome secret club now. Every hiker who I pass gives me a head nod of approval/understanding/RESPECT. Cuz im in the club. And I look legit. And damn straight I give them a nod right back. Because I am IN. 

So I was feeling pretty legit. That was, until I went swimming. HOW COULD I NOT?! Look at the water! After my beautiful and relaxing glacial-water swim (it totally wasn’t relaxing it was fucking freezing) I realized we needed to get going and didn’t want to be hiking for 8km in wet clothing. Soooo I just ended up wearing my sports bra and swim-bottoms for the hike down.

Ya not awkward at all when you pass someone and they are staring at your backside. I like to imagine I looked like a super badass amazon woman who had just fought a black bear or something. Probably was not the case, but I am going to go ahead and continue letting myself think that. (<– Insert a mil crying/laughing emoticons here. I hate that I can’t use emoticons here. The interwebs isn’t letting me live my life!!! Maybe its for the best lol cuz this whole post would just be a range of emoticons, similar to my texting conversations hehe.)

Have any of you guys done any sweet hikes lately? Any good recommendations for me? (Worldwide please!! I am getting a big list of places I want to hike going 🙂 )





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    1. It is a very exclusive club (lol!) haha.

      Best tips to start hiking: find a friend who already does it or wants to start hiking and partner up! Realistically its kind of dangerous to go alone so the buddy system is great. And, just google “Best hikes in ___” and there will usually be a website dedicated to hiking in your area that outlines different hikes. 🙂

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