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This is another one of those situations where I struggled hard to title my post. I so badly want you to understand how awesome this recipe is and make the title super enticing and such, but then it just ends up being way too long and gets a bit ridiculous. The struggle is real over here.

Anywho, I am obsessed with chia seed pudding. Chia seeds are fan-fucking-tastic and I cannot get enough of them. In the ever so graceful words of the Franks Red Hot Sauce ads (you know the one with the weird grandma that is kind of disturbing) “I put that shit on everything!”

Really though. Salads, avocado toast, yogurt, fruit… you name it. That being said, chia pudding is one of my favourite ways to eat chia seeds. It really shows off one of the most interesting properties of them: they can absorb 6 times their volume in liquids. SIX TIMES. Crazy right?!

This breakfast pudding is packed with protein and is super flavourful and satisfying. Today’s chia seed pudding recipe is one of my staples for the summer time. It is super simple, and the flavours are fresh AF.

The best part of this? Make it before you go to bed and you will have a delicious breaky waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Because we all know that mornings can be rough, and having your breakfast already made just makes them a little easier. You feel me?

Alright, here is what is in my Coconut Lime + Raspberry Chia Pudding:

  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk (I like this brand)
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Coconut meat (not necessary, but tastes like crack so you should probably do it)
  • Slice of lime

Okie dokes. LETS DO THIS.

Put coconut milk in small mason jar. Put chia seeds in mason jar. Shut mason jar. Shake about. Put in fridge. Go to bed. Wake up. Add them toppings (raspberries, coconut meat, and slice of lime!!!)

DONE. Told you, easy.

Ok so if the “delicious factor” isn’t enough to get you to try chia seeds… here are a few quick health benefits for you:

  • Chia seeds are high in fibre!! Healthy insides = healthy outsides.
  • They are filled with antioxidants!
  • SO MUCH PROTEIN!!! I LOVE PROTEIN. Not in a weird “get swoll” kind of way, but in a “I want to actually be full after eating” kind of way.
  • High in nutrients that are essential for bone health (like: calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.)

If those health benefits AND my delicious recipe didnt sell you on trying out chia seeds…. well, frankly I am quite positive something is wrong with you. Maybe seek some help. I kid kid, but really. These little buggers are amazing, so go out and try some chia seeds! The pudding obviously comes highly recommended as I have been blabbing on about it for ages now. 😛






  1. Omg I’m the same! I’ve been putting them on errrrrrrrythang. I’ve heard they also expend in your stomach if you don’t soak them (keeping you fuller longer?). Not bad if you ask me. This is my favourite go-to breakfast btw.
    xx, Pia

    1. Ya girl!! Killing it 😀

      They do expand in your stomach if you eat them raw, which is TOTALLY awesome. I definitely like making the pudding too though, so yummy yet healthy.

  2. I love chia seeds in oatmeal, sprinkled on yogurt, in smoothies, etc. Oddly enough I have never made chia pudding, despite pinning it like crazy.

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