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Do you guys also like to wear platform shoes while trying to balance on jagged rocks? I don’t know about you but this was TOTALLY natural and not at ALL scary. K but really though, I was on the verge of eating it the whole time we were shooting these pics. Let’s just say my shoes are not meant for “off-roading.” But I like to live on the wild side. Because that’s just how I roll. 😉 (Also lol at the things I will do to get “the shot.” I am an artist with a VISION, okay?! God.)

*Ahem…* moving right along.

During the winter my regular uniform is usually just black, grey, and some more black and some more grey. I have been wearing lighter and brighter colours for the summertime lately, and I honestly was just craving a little bit of an edgier outfit. Know what I mean?? Girl just wanted to be a rebel. Okay this is super random, but I have this thing where when I am wearing all-black I just feel like a total badass. Like, you can’t be sure what I will do next cuz I’m in all black and thats just so CRAZY AND WILD. Hahaha. I swear its a thing. Anyways, I was missing that feeling of rebelliousness so I brought back my all-black-uniform the other evening. 

Alrighty so my shorts I got at Hollister ($23 right now!!! GO GET EM LADIES) and as far as jean shorts go, they are super comfy. They have a bit of stretch to them which makes the whole experience of wearing jean shorts slightly less agonizing. You guys know what I am talking about lets be honest here. Jean shorts just ride up the entire time you wear them and its like fighting a losing wedgie battle. We have all been there. You can admit it, this is a safe place. 😛 So ya the stretch in the jean shorts makes these way better than normal non-stretch jean shorts.

My top is from Urban Outfitters. I am kind of morally opposed to wearing bras these days unless I am societally obligated to do so. Which is super weird because I normally prefer to wear one to give the illusion that I actually have boobs. But the summer does weird things to a girl! So anyways, I attempted side-boob in this situation but I am quite positive that there was not enough “boob” to have any “side.”

Okie hope you guys liked this outfit! I’m off for now, so thanks for listening to my random ramblings. Love y’all 🙂





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