Hey guys! So I just picked up these slip on shoes the other day from Adidas, and I am never taking them off. Like…. so in love. These shoes, ripped jeans, and a comfy sweater are my weekend go-tos. I have been lazing about in this all weekend long haha! Sometimes it is so nice to just get cozy and relax. 

In other news, I have been doing lots of research lately on the best kind of supplements to take for optimal skin health. I am big on wrinkle prevention, because it is much easier to prevent a problem from happening than it is to fix a problem once it has already happened. This week I will begin to share with you more on what I do to make sure my skin is staying healthy, and how I prevent wrinkles from forming. I am pretty stoked about this subject right now so I can’t wait to share with you all! We only get one body, so we might as well treat it the best we possibly can. 🙂

Okay there is a big hockey game on soon, so I am going to go get ready to watch! The NHL playoffs are one of my favourite times of year. It is so fun to get to cheer for your city’s team. And nachos, because nachos are the best and they are usually involved when you watch a sports game. Really I am just there for the nachos. 😛

A bit of a mixed post today for you! I love to check in and keep you guys in the loop with whats going on in my world. Hope you all had a great weekend. <3





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  1. I “met” you on Blogging to Success on FB, loved your photograph so decided to visit your blog, and thought, wow, I really like what she’s talking about, skincare and hockey! My family are big St. Louis Blues fans, so we are watching games now, too! Anyway, you have a new fan!

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