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I always feel so awkward when I wear a short dress. Honestly, I have no idea what it is but I am just SO uncomfortable the entire time. The fear of some ungodly body part falling out at any time is SO REAL. Swim suits? Completely comfortable. Short dresses? Run for the hills. (Who knows lol.)

So you are probably like why the hell would you even buy something that you don’t feel comfortable in, foolish girl. Well, FASHION my friends. I am literally the worst for this sometimes. If something looks cute and is the right price I will pretty much buy it no matter what. I am the ultimate consumer haha.

This dress was picked up at that Zara sale that happened a few weeks ago. Anyone else know the one I am referring to? If you live in Vancouver you know that the Zara on Robson St. pretty much looked like a scene from hunger games after us ladies had our way with the sales. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed in that store. But alas I came out alive with a few winning picks. 

So tell me, have you guys ever fallen victim to wearing something that looks super cute but actually makes you feel really uncomfortable?! Comment below I need to know I’m not alone here!!





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  1. I totttttally understand where you’re coming from. I sometimes will buy something a little out of my usual style (but super cute) and wear it out to get coffee as a trial run haha. This dress looks fab on you though! (Can I steal your shoes sometime?!)
    xx, Pia

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