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Ladies, it is time to talk makeup. Get your game faces on, we are doing this live.

If you haven’t seen it already you need to check out my 5 minute makeup routine post. That shit is the only reason I get out of the house every day looking half-decent and not like Gollum from The Hobbit.

Today’s topic builds a bit more on that 5 minute makeup routine. Contouring is literally is the best thing I have ever learned. Okay, maybe not literally the best thing ever…. but it makes me pretty happy haha.

Without further adieu…. let’s talk contouring.

Contouring is basically adding shadows to your face in certain places to enhance your natural bone structure, and give more shape to your face. It looks amazing when you do it right. Notice I said “enhance” and not “paint.” Makeup in general is meant to bring out your natural beauty, not cover it up like the icing on a cake. Remember ladies…. LESS IS MORE! Nobody likes a cake-face.

There are two main steps to contouring my face. AJL & KKC. (“Angelina Jolie Lips & Kim Kardashian Cheekbones.”) You will thank me later 😉

Today I am just going to go over the AJL contouring I do, and I will save the KKC for another day. 

AJL (Angelina Jolie Lips) Contouring Steps!

Step 1: Take your fave bronzer and eyeshadow brush, and right below your bottom lip in the centre apply a nice amount of bronzer. BOOM. Angelina Jolie Lips achieved. This will make your lips looks fuller and more luscious than they already are. I am obsessed with this trick and legit do it every day. 

Step 2: Take the same brush and bronzer and apply bronzer to the underside of your nose. (Like…. where the nostrils are. Sounds gross, looks great.) This will make your nose look a bit smaller by shortening it. I usually just bronze from the bottom of my nostrils up to the curve of my nose and leave it at that. If you want to be extra spicy you can pull the bronzer up a bit higher to make your nose look even more slim. (Slim? Sure.)

Step 3: With a TINY (key word: tiny) amount of bronzer, we are going to make your nose more defined. Start at your eyebrow, and alone one side of your nose draw a light shadow with your brush. Basically you want to draw on the bridge of your nose, but over to one side. Do the same on the other side. 

Step 4: Take your big powder brush and blend alllll this in! Be sure you don’t put too much on otherwise you might start to look like Picasso, and that ain’t cute. 

These tips are legit game changers, and I am so stoked to have finally shared them with you today! For your reference, the brush I use to do all this is the Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush and my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder for my bronzer. 

What do you guys think?! Will you use these contour tips? Stay tuned for my KKC tutorial coming soon! <3





4 Replies to “CONTOURING TIPS”

  1. You look stunning!!! To me less is more is the only way to go, especially around make up. I wish I knew how to do delicate make-up and keep up a natural look, every time I try end up removing it all

    1. Thanks girl!! Yes less is always more with makeup. Just start learning one thing at a time with your makeup! For example, try these contouring tips then once you have mastered that move on to something else. Soon you will be a pro 🙂

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