Matching sets. I am all about them these days. And how cute is this Billabong set?! Such a good look for a nice warm summer day. And speaking of summer… I feel like it’s finally here! It is like Vancouver has been born again. People are out doing things and the city is buzzing with that summer excitement. I mean I love winter (because skiing, duh) but summer in Vancouver is a thing of beauty. It is basically impossible to not fall in love with the city at this time of year. And right now, I am head over heels. All I need now is a tan. LOL jk that is never going to happen in my lifetime (without the help of a handy-dandy spray tan hehe 😉 .)

Mmk so for a while here I was morally opposed to wearing Converse, but now for some reason I am totally into them again. Not sure what encouraged this change of heart… but let’s roll with it! Lately I am loving a nice white pair of chucks worn with a cute skirt or dress. I think the contrast between a girly outfit and some good sneakers is just enough to keep people on their toes. You know? And comfort… Let’s be real here. Converse are comfortable and comfort is king. 

What do you guys think of my sunnies?! They are gorgeous, no? I ordered them from this awesome French online glasses shop called Polette. A large part of the reason I like their products so much is the high quality and low price. I am a major deal hunter, so the fact that I can get these beauty sunnies for so cheap makes me a happy happy girl! Check out their instagram for the latest and greatest. 

In other news, I have started to think about what I am going to put on my summer bucket list! I find if I write things down it is the best way to make sure I actually do them. Right now the list mostly involves traveling and road trips, but it will start to grow quickly! Once it is done I will share it with you guys, so we can get some inspo from each-others summer fun ideas 🙂 Deal? Deal.

Love you long time. <3






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