Okay so this definitely not a recipe, but it is one of my favourite easy dinner “hacks.” If we are being honest here, it can be really tough to cook a nice meal for yourself after a long day of work. So on those days when I am exhausted and don’t have the energy to cook something nice for myself, this is one of my go-to solutions. 

Amy’s Organic Chili (spicy flavour, obviously) is my favourite vegetarian canned chili. It is low in calories, and has about 15g of protein per cup. Protein is so so so important (<— expect a post soon) and I always make sure I am getting lots of it in every meal I eat. Amy’s Organic Chili also just tastes amazing. Such great comfort food.

Now, here is my Skinny Belle twist. I always love to take something really simple and dress it up a little bit. Here are the things I like to add to my canned chilli:

What I do with this chili is when I am heating it, I had a drop or 5 (maybe more, depends on how spicy I am feeling 😉 ) of tabasco sauce into the pot. This adds a nice extra bit of heat to the already flavourful chili. 

To dress it up even more (and add more protein!!) I then add a big generous scoop of 0% unsweetened greek yogurt on top. The greek yogurt is basically like sour cream except it is actually good for you. Win-win if you ask me. On top of the greek yogurt goes the avocado slices. Now squeeze your lime slice on top of everything! Be generous with the lime, it tastes great. Garnish the whole thing with some salt, pepper, and fresh cilantro leaves! Oh and don’t forget about your homemade tortilla chips, get those ready and dig in my friends. 😀

You hungry yet? I know I am. But then again, I am always hungry so what else is new haha. 

What do you guys think of this easy dinner hack? Will you be making this anytime soon? Comment below!





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