Waddup friends. Okay so I have been so sick these past few days. AKA not a happy camper. Usually I am a pretty tough cookie when it comes to this stuff, but this was a badddd one. So while I was bed ridden and drinking copious amounts of my Hot Lemon & Ginger Tea (try it, it works like a charm because I am en-route to recovery!) I thought I would share my latest nail colour with ya’ll.

I am aware that this is not world (or life) changing stuff in any way, but frankly it kinda made my day. When I do my nails I usually (ehem… always) get boring neutral colours. They are easy, and they match with everything. Think black, cream, bland pink, and dark colours. The other day when I got my nails done, I thought screw it. I wanna go full on Barbie here. AND I LOVE IT. You guys. Why haven’t I done this sooner?! I just feel this stupid sense of happiness every time I look at my ridiculously pink nails. Does that make me a giant fruit? Do I care? Not really no. Needless to say, I am feeling the bright coloured nails these days. Maybe next time I will go crazy and get a bright blue or green….. Wild things people. Wild things are happening in my world. 😛

What are your go-to nail colours? Do you usually go with neutral dark and light colours like me? Or, are you into this bright and fun business that I have obviously just discovered? I wanna know! Tell me in the comments below 😀





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