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Dress: Oak + Fort / Shoes: Browns / Poncho: Small Shop in Switzerland / Glasses: Polette

Guyssssss I can’t get over how much I love this time of year! Would you look at those leaves on the ground? So freakin’ cute! It just makes me think about pumpkin… and pumpkin flavoured things (the curse of October.) In fact, I was en-route to getting a pumpkin pie from Aphrodite’s when we shot these photos. (<– guilty as charged.)

Anyways, it is just chilly enough now to bring out one of my all-time-favourite clothing pieces. The poncho. I have written before about the magical wonder of the poncho. It is essentially a socially acceptable blanket that you can wear in public without being shamed. And even pull off looking fashionable while doing it. You guys know how I like to try and get as close to wearing sweatpants as possible at all times, and this is definitely right up that alley. Also ponchos are very cape-like, which makes me feel like a queen. And, I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a queen. Amiriteee?

My poncho was purchased in Switzerland, but I have picked out a few similar pieces for you guys to check out:




Another thing, Polette glasses. You guys need to check out their site! Super affordable (think under $20) and comfy glasses from France. I have posted about Polette glasses before, and am a big fan of the brand. Click here to check out what else they have in store.

What do you guys think of this look? Comment below! <3





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