Okay team. Remember my Summer Bucket List post?? Well, I am crossing things off that list one by one! AKA I am living proof that writing something down will actually make you get off your ass and do it. 

So, Summer Bucket List item #2 was to learn to sail. And that is exactly what I did! I mean, by nobody’s standards am I a seasoned pro now or anything. But I went out there, learned the basics, and had blast in the process. Now I can confidently say fancy sailing terms like “port” and “starboard” in my daily jargon. (Anyone who actually knows how to sail right now is just like jesus christ woman…. stfu haha.) 

Also. ALSO. I know I look super useless in those photos but I swear I actually did things. That was just when we were waiting to get in the water so I took the liberty of perching myself up on the boat. Obviously wearing my super fashionable yellow lifejacket. Chic, no?

Have you written down your summer bucket list yet?! If so, whats on it? And are you getting out and crossing things off the list?? Tell me in the comments!





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