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My friends over at Billabong and I have teamed up to bring you my favourite picks from their Fall 2015 line! And let me tell you guys… this stuff is unreal. 

Let’s start by talking about Billabong. They have consistently been one of my favourite brands since…. well… forever? Beachy, sporty, casual-yet-glam. Sign. Me. Up. 

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing Skinny Belle’s Billabong in BC series. This is a collection of photos featuring Billabong‘s Fall 2015 line, in some very typical West Cost BC locations. The great thing about a brand like Billabong is that it is so versatile. You can wear the same outfit on the beaches of Hawaii all the way to the rainy coast of British Columbia… And that is exactly what I will be showing in my Billabong in BC series.

Today’s pics are just the beginning! It gets better. (My male readers are like please woman… it does not get better than bikini pics LOL.) But really, there is so much more good stuff to come!

These photos are so authentic “West Coast” it’s actually ridiculous. It was freaking raining while we shot these. RAINING. That is how much I love you guys. I get naked in the rain for you. 😛 (Because that’s what love is, right?)

One of my favourite movies of all time is Blue Crush. Anyone feel me on that one?? If you claim you didn’t like it you are clearly just lying to yourself. Because it was awesome. Surfer babes and beaches. What’s not to love? So anyways, there is this epic scene of Kate Bosworth surfing in this little camo bikini. I obviously HAD to have it. #LIFEGOALS. If you also want to feel like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, you can pick up my bikini bottoms here and my top here

Make sure you head over to Billabong‘s site and pick out your favourite Fall 2015 pieces! Get ready to see more of my top picks with Skinny Belle’s Billabong in BC series. 





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