Beach-Waves (4 of 5)


Beach-Waves (5 of 5)

Today I want to let you guys in on one of my top hair styling secrets. Beach waves. See examples by clicking here and here. This hairstyle is perf for summer for sooooo many reasons. It is relaxed, fun, and holds up well in that summertime heat. By “holds up well” I mean you can get gross and sweaty and still look like a total babe. Looking like a babe is KEY during the warmer months. Babe status must be achieved. Beach babe. Babe-sicle. Babe-ilicous. Babe-tastic. K I’m done. You get the point.

Moving right along……

So this is pretty much how I do my hair all summer long. And this is a trick that you need in your life. Yes, need it. It takes two seconds, and costs…. Well…. Nothing. (<– FO FREE. My two fave words.)

We have all seen the “beach sprays” sold in salons that cost like a million dollars. (If you think about the ingredients, that exaggeration won’t seem like such an exaggeration haha.) I have bought these beach sprays, used them (you are like no shit get to the point), read the ingredients, and concluded that they are a total waste of money. Girl can make that stuff at home. Then obviously share the love on Skinny Belle. Because that is how we roll around here.

Everyone knows “natural looking” beach waves do not come naturally. (Kind of like the classic I-woke-up-like-this “natural” makeup look that takes a significant amount of effort and boys just think that’s how we actually look.) BUT, even though my beach waves may not come naturally but they are sure as hell a quick-fix beauty solution! Legit takes like 30 seconds to get yourself looking like you just went for a casual swim/surf in the pacific ocean.

Okay so how do I make my home-made beach spray?

1) First thing you need to do is go to the dollar store (or drugstore whichever you’re feelin’) and buy yourself an empty spray bottle. Make sure you can adjust the nozzle so it sprays a fine mist and not a power-jet like stream of water. Cuz aint nobody want to be spraying a water-gun at their head. We want misting action here, people.

2) Once you are home from the store, turn on your tap water. (HOLY CRAP GUYS I KNOW THIS IS GETTING NUTS.) Fill the bottle with warm water. Then, take your sea salt (make sure it is sea salt and not regular salt. We want beachy waves not…. table salt waves…………..) and add it to the bottle. This is all approximate, and you can adjust the amount of salt you use based on your hair type. As a general rule about 1 cup of water to 2 rounded tsp of sea salt is a good proportion. I like to add a little more because I like my hair to be really wavy. Note that the more salt you add the “crunchier” your hair will get haha.

3) Now, here is where your hair type will change what you do. If you are a lucky betch and have super healthy & strong hair, you should curl you hair as you regularly would. Then, spritz your beach spray all over! If you are one of us common folk with weak/fluffy/damaged hair (aka me)…. YOU WIN! (not really but let’s say just go with that) All you need to do is spray the beach spray on your dried (and un-styled) hair and tustle it about and you are good to go.

4) When you spray the beach spray in your hair will be wet (science.) Run your fingers through your hair then let it dry on its own. DO NOT brush it after you run your fingers through it. It will look bad. I promise.

So there you have it!! Also I feel the need to let you guys know that this really does work best with hair types that are already naturally a little bit wavy, as this trick is a great enhancer for already fine/wavy hair. 

I am so stoked to share with hair styling tip with you guys, because it is perfect for summer and I can save you about $60 a bottle on store-bought beach spray. #winning

Soooo what do you think? Will you be trying out my homemade beach spray this summer? Tell me in the comments below! <3




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