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Saving the best for last…… this beauty one-piece swimsuit marks the final episode of Billabong in BC on Skinny Belle! It has been such a great experience collaborating with Billabong. Not only has it made me feel all surfer-girl-call-me-kate-bosworth-like (yes, I can dream 😛 ) but it has been a pleasure working with the Billabong team. 

It has been SO LONG since I have worn a one-piece swimsuit. Why on earth would I ever have stopped wearing them. They are freakin’ bomb. Maybe it was because I was traumatized as a child when my mother forced me to wear a full body one-piece. No, this is not a joke. I legitimately had to wear a “swimsuit” that went from my ankles to my wrists. Like… my FULL BODY was covered. Think wetsuit status. Yes, I was that ginger kid on the beach. Let’s not even get into the hats I was forced to wear as a child. Okay so my mother did have really good intentions (making sure my skin didn’t burn and I stayed sun-safe blah blah) but MY GOD must that have traumatized me if I only brought out a one-piece now at age 24. (<— insert like a mil crying/laughing emojis here hahaha)

So now you know of my ginger-child horrors. Enjoy that from the safety of your own home. And please for the love of god, never do that to your children.

Okay got way distracted there. Anyways, point being I am all about them one-pieces now. Check out what other beauty one-pieces Billabong has in store by clicking here

Hope you guys love this Billabong in BC series as much as I do! What was your fave episode? Tell me in the comments below 😀







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