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Helllooooo from your highly over-caffeinated internet friend here! I have officially determined that I am not responsible enough to own a Nespresso Machine. I literally cannot stop drinking them. Do you guys have one too?? They are the best yet worst things ever. To give you perspective on how out of control I am atm, I have had 4 Nespresso coffees today. Obviously switching between the chocolate and caramal flavours (preference to caramel) because they are the best. AND NOW I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY. (Crap.)

So here I am. Fully caffeinated, raring to go. This is probably the opportune time to go workout but I am on FIRE with my work so Ima just roll with this. Anyways, thought I would bring some realness to ya’ll today about my complete lack of self-restraint when it comes to Nespresso. Maybe one day I will be adult enough to have just one Nespresso in the morning. But alas, here we are. That day has yet to come. 😝

On another note, I just wanted to say in my highly caffeinated state I am rapid-fire thinking about how thankful I am that you come here and hang out in this corner of the internet. We’ve got a pretty special thing going on over here you guys. I love it when you comment and share your experiences with me, and the personal emails you send to my inbox are so fantastic to read. It is so great to have you in my life, so thank you for being you. 💕

Annnnndddd… FEEDBACK TIME!

With that, I want to know what you want to see more of here on Skinny Belle! After all, my goal is to connect with you as much as possible and make this a great place where we can all be the best versions of ourselves. So please, comment below and let me know what you want to read more of here on Skinny Belle! Want more personal posts? More outfits? More workouts? Tell me, and it shall be yours. Because I appreciate you and love you <3







  1. So, I really love all your postings.. but one thing that I really enjoy is your random quick and easy recipes! =) I spend my time running around a lot and live alone so it’s great to find quick and healthy ideas to try!! thank you!

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