Old photos bringing back great memories!

The other day I posted this photo on my instagram, after I had spent some time looking through old pics. So much fun to look back at all the awesome things we do! This was the last day of the ski season in April this year, and my god was it a good one. It was full on spring skiing, slush and all. Also, being a ginger sucks so bad sometimes. I legit got the worst burn from this day hahah. It was really nasty so I won’t go into details. You would think after 24 years of being a ginge I would have figured out sunscreen… apparently not. 😜

Anyways, these photos got my super excited for the upcoming ski season which is scheduled to start in under 3 weeks! For those of you who just started reading Skinny Belle (HI WELCOME I LOVE YOU 😀 ), skiing is the primary way I like to stay fit in the winter time. That being said I usually only have time to go on weekends because it is such a time commitment. Soooo, I have some great stuff I will be sharing with you soon about what I will be doing mid-week to stay fit! Stay tuned!





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