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Ok so I kinda have a thing for hats right now. They have the tendency to make any simple outfit look chic. I am all about clean + classic style in the fall, and adding a hat to these looks really dresses them up a little bit. 

Also… anyone remember my post on hair washing? Hats also realllllly help out with trying to wash your hair as little as possible. (<– you should really read that post, important beauty tip ladies! The less you wash your hair, the better.) That being said, we all know that on the third+ day of not washing your hair (don’t judge me you do it too) things can get a litttttle rough. Hence, the hat. You will look trendy AF and nobody will know that you are hiding a big greasy mess under there. (If there are any men reading this I am totally kidding and girls are dainty and clean at all times…… *ahem*) Anyyyywayssss, wearing a hat is really a win-win situation any way you look at it. The hat I am wearing here was purchased at Holt Renfrew Vancouver

Moving along to the rest of this look, my dress is from Oak + Fort and I am also super into long baggy dresses for fall. They are a classic piece that can be worn tons of different ways. Plus Oak + Fort always has the best stuff, I really need to stop going in there it is becoming a problem haha. And my beautiful leather bag is from the new Aritzia line called Auxiliary







  1. Love the hat, completely agree they make all the difference with an outfit! I have to force myself not to wear mine because they’ve been done to death on my blog now! Ahh you go girrrl not washing your hair its so hard when it looks scuzzy but it’s so much better for it! Would be great to get to the stage where it just cleans itself 😛

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

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