Hello from Vegas!! 

Okay so you know how I was complaining before about over-packing? SO glad that I did that. It is honestly just so nice to have options for things to wear lol. Especially in a crazy place like this. We have been spending our days at pool parties, and dancing our nights away at EDC. SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS. Like, the most. 

Not going to lie though, I am so exhausted haha. Vegas is so crazy!! Nobody ever sleeps here lol. It will definitely be nice to get back to Vancouver on Monday and get back to my regular health/fitness routine. And be eating yummy nutritious food again. I have been eating lots of “vacation” food while I am here. Becauseeeee calories don’t count when you are on vacation (science.) hehe 😛

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you guys are having a great weekend 🙂





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