Welcome to my every morning. Seriously, this is the best breakfast you could ask for. Protein, fruit, amazingness. (<– amazingness is a key ingredient in any good recipe. It’s science.)

Smoothies sometimes can be a bit of a risky situation. I know I have done this many times, where I get really excited about all the awesome things I can put in my blender and then all of a sudden I have a 1000 calorie drink on my hands. It is important that you just put the things that you need in your smoothie, and be mindful of the ingredients so that the calorie content stays reasonable. This drink is about 220 calories (approx depending on how hungry I am lol) and has 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN. I am all about the protein. It is SO key to not getting hungry like 5 mins after your eat. Which is what usually happens to me when I don’t include any protein in my diet haha. 

Alright. So down to the dirty stuff. What did I put in this bad boy?

So these measurements (except for the Vega) are all approximate. Usually I fill up my Nutri-Bullet with a reasonable amount of berries (3/4 – 1 cup) then put my protein powder in, and thennnn pour my almond milk over until the almond milk is just about an inch above all the other ingredients. I do it this way because I like my smoothies pretty thick. Like, need to be eaten with an actual spoon thick. So you can change up the almond milk and berry portions based on how you like your smoothies. 🙂

A note about Vega.

I. Am. Obsessed.

Like, I cannot remember the last day when I did not consume Vega in some form or other. It is 100% plant based protein, has 6 servings of greens, 50% of your daily intake of food-based vitamins and minerals, and SO MUCH MORE.

A smoothie without protein is just berries and some almond milk. I don’t know about you guys but I will be hungry again almost immediately after drinking that haha. The Vega is such a necessary part of the smoothie equation, because it makes it an actual meal. 

So there you have it!! That is one of my favourite breakfast meals to make. If you want to check out what other things I keep in my fridge, see my Skinny Belle Shopping List: Breakfast Edition post. It is a great guide to stocking your fridge full of the right items for a healthy and nutritious breaky. 





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