A much needed weekend away from the rain

Oh boyyyy has it ever been quiet here lately… HELLO FRIENDS! I have emerged from hibernation and am rejoining the human race. Seriously, those of you who live in Vancouver know exactly what I am talking about. It has rained almost EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY for the last two months. Every. God. Damn. Day. Saying that I have been hibernating is almost an understatement. But anyways, this weather-induced madness had to stop. So I took a few days and got my butt out and had the best time ever. ?

Lets start with my mini ski vacation. Spent 2 days skiing up in Whistler in 40 cm of fresh powder. This is the first two days the mountain has been open people, so this is big news. It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go again. Would you guys want to see some ski pics here soon? Let me know –> commentzzz!

After a good few days of skiing I got up at 3 am in Whistler and drove to the airport for an 8 am flight to Austin, Texas. As you can imagine I was extremely chipper and looked fabulously well rested upon arrival at the airport. In reality, I scarfed down a Timmy-Hoes bagel/coffee and crashed on the plane for 6 hours haha. Though the trip getting to Texas was a bit hectic and sleep deprived, Austin was SO great this weekend… it was warm and sunny compared to Vancouver. I even had to take off my sweater at brunch because I was TOO HOT. That is right, too hot. (If you live in Canada right now, this is a big deal.)

Okay that’s it for my little update today! Hope you are all doing great, wherever you are in the world :). My little spot on the internet has not been given the love it deserves from me these days, so thanks for still hanging out! Looking forward to sharing some cool stuff with ya’ll soon. ?



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