Jacket: Bernardo / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Dress: Aritzia

What have I been up to lately? Straight hermiting. All I want to do these days is stay cozied up inside and watch Gilmore Girls. Anyone else watching?? TOTALLY ADDICTED. I have set a personal challenge (aim high, friends) to crush through all 7 seasons before the new episodes launch in the end of November. This started 3 weeks ago and I have successfully binged my way through the first 5 seasons. Not sure if I am ashamed, impressed, or just overall shocked by myself. Honestly I rarely watch tv, if ever, but Gilmore Girls has me RIPPING through episodes. It’s like a sickness, some sort of Stars Hollow induced disease. The only cure? FINISH THEM. Every last episode. Then I can be done and never have to watch again. Oh and by the way, I am like 16 years late on the whole Gilmore Girls thing. I am brutally aware that everyone else watched this show at a normal pace in the early 2000s, but alas, I have only┬ádiscovered it now. Better late than never?

Managed to rip myself away from Netflix for long enough to hit up brunch in my gorrrrgeous new leather jacket from Bernardo! Leather jackets are the perfect piece for fall. Just enough warmth, and great for layering. If it is possible to feel actual love a clothing item, oh baby do I feel it for this coat.

Another thing I managed to do once I shut down Gilmore Girls for a few hours? THE SEPHORA VIB SALE. Yes ladies, that darling little 20% off sale they have where I basically lose my marbles and buy all the makeup. Any of you partake this weekend? It was a good haul this year. My face = happy happy. Wallet? Not so happy. ­čśŤ

Okay so enough from me for one day. I seriously need to finish this series so I can get my life back. It has taken over. This is a phase… I swear………. Someone send food.



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