Dress: WAYF / Shoes: vintage / Choker: Brandy Melville

Went out during a 30 second break in the rain to shoot this outfit, and alas, it started pouringgggg rain literally the second I was outside. So this was the only photo I could get before it got super dark from rain clouds again ?

BUT, December is here and you know what THAT means… it’s time to get FESTIVE! Holiday parties, treats, and… well… mostly treats.? December is one of my favourite months of the year. I love how the city lights up with little twinkly lights everywhere and it is all cozy. There is a potential chance of snow, which is always hilarious in Vancouver because the entire city loses it’s shit. Nobody can drive, schools close, and the national guard is brought in (this actually happened one time in Ottawa and I doubt the nation will ever forget it hahah.) Absolute mayhem. It’s great.

Since December is upon us, it is officially holiday dress season! The other day I happened upon this gorgeous wrap dress at Nordstrom. Wrap dresses are a favourite of mine, because they are super flattering and bring out them currrvvessss. All about it. Only had a few of these left when I went in, so tried to find it online for you guys but it’s not on their website 🙁

Today I am prepping for a weekend of skiing up in the mountains! So excited I can hardly contain myself ? And with that, happy Friday everybody!

Talk soon.



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