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A recap from my trip to NYC!

Okay so it is pretty much a requirement that the first time you visit New York you do some touristy things.. so needless to say I was all about them tourist activities while I was visiting last weekend. Usually I avoid anything that screams “tourist” like it’s the plague… but hey, when in Rome. Here is a little re-cap on my favourite things I did while visiting NYC:

Empire State Building

Literally had no intention of going up the Empire State before I arrived in New York. Like I said, I usually seriously dislike touristy things. This time being a dweeby tourist was TOTALLY worth it. The view from the top of the Empire State is for sure one of the top 5 most beautiful views I have seen in my life. No photos can ever portray how incredible that view was. $30 well spent for sure. 

The Food

The food. Ahhh yes. I think I just ate my way around the city. I honestly can barely even remember most of the things I ate because they were so frigging awesome I blacked out. Yes, that’s a thing that happens when I eat. A few key foodie things I loved were the bagels at Bagelsmith, meatballs at The Meatball Shop (<– insert ball joke here) and the Taco Morelos food truck (<– shit was reallll authentic and oh so delish.)


The Metropolitan Museum of Art was for sure a cool experience. Not going to lie, I am kind of like a small child when it comes to being in museums. I think its fun for a little while and then I am happy to leave pretty quick. So I came, I saw, I went. #culture

Vintage Shopping

Okay so I really didn’t do any non-vintage shopping in New York. Every store I saw on 5th ave we have here in Vancouver, so I wanted to do something a little bit different. Something I can’t get at home. And let me tell you, NYC vintage stores are a wholeeeee different ball game than the vintage shopping in Vancouver. Bigger, better, and just all around winning. I could spend hours and hours looking through the beautiful pieces in the vintage shops of NY.

Brooklyn Bridge

So obviously from the photos above ya’ll can see that I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. As a tourist/first time visitor, it was basically mandatory haha. Super cool bridge, but way too many people. And the bike lane NEEDS to go. Why the hell is there a bike lane taking up 50% of the area space on one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city? The bikers were angry, I was angry, no me gusta. SO yea, other than the ridiculous bike lane the Brooklyn Bridge was gorg. 

Central Park 

Walking around central park was a really unique experience. You are literally in a little nature oasis in the middle of this mammoth city. Pretty neat if you ask me. Definitely did not compare to the beautiful BC nature I am spoilt with all the time here, but it was still really cool. If I ever move to NYC I will definitely be going on jogs through the park, because neature. 


Definitely was a liiiiiittle bit of a trouble maker on this trip! 😈 We spent our evening checking out a variety of different nightlife venues, from small little bars in Williamsburg to unreal clubs in Manhattan like Marquee. There is a ridiculous amount of fun places to go in New York, sooo stoked to go back and explore more! 

So those were some of the things I got up to while I was visiting the big apple! Totally fell in love with the city, it was so so gorgeous. AND, the people are SO nice. It was unreal. I don’t think I have ever had that many non-crazy strangers talk to me in such a short period of time. Loved every second of it. That just doesn’t happen in Vancouver, we are a bit “colder” here haha. 

Anywho, cannot waittttttt to go back to New York! So freakin’ fun. Can you tell I am obsessed?? haha 💁

Do you guys have any great suggestions for things to do on my next trip?? Comment below!!





8 Replies to “BROOKLYN BRIDGE”

  1. I love these photos! I grew up in and live in NYC part of the year and ALWAYS find something new to do. (Marquee was the club we always snuck into in senior year hahahah). Also, OMG the Met has my heart. My school was right across form it so AP Art History was a dream come true. Glad to hear you had a fun time!
    xx, Pia

    1. What really?! That’s so cool Pia! 😀

      Hahah so funny about Marquee, it’s definitely a good time 😛

      We will have to meet up if I am in NYC again!

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